It is with great excitement that we share with you the schedule for our Spring 2021 Commencement Ceremonies! Please see below for the day and time of your ceremony. The ceremonies will combine graduates from 2020 and 2021, with the exception of the 2021 Nursing program.

You’ll notice that a few degree programs are listed multiple times on the schedule. This is because we have graduates that have completed multiple degree programs. We have combined degree programs to allow these graduates to only attend one ceremony, instead of multiple ceremonies. If this is not you, then just look for where your degree program is listed on its own without any additional programs.

We look forward to celebrating your accomplishments!

Architectural Engineering Technology
Civil Engineering Technology
Computer Engineering Technology, Animation and Graphic Game Programming
Electronic Engineering Technology, Animation and Graphic Game Programming
Landscape and Environmental Design
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Mechanical Engineering Technology, Robotics and Automation Engineering Technology
Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Paramedic Emergency Medicine
Criminal Justice
Early Care and Education for Young Children with Disabilities
Early Care and Education for Young Children with Disabilities, Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education
Nursing – 2021

*The Nursing program has its own ceremony because of the number of graduates.

Addiction Counseling
Human Service
Nursing – 2020
Paralegal Studies
Visual Arts
Accounting, Business Administration
Business Administration
Business Administration, General Studies
Business Administration, Liberal Arts
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Information Technology
Sports Management
Dental Hygiene
Dental Hygiene, Health Science
General Studies
General Studies, Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts
Accounting, General Studies, Health Science – Nutrition and Wellness Concentration
Environmental Sciences
Health Science
Health Science – Nutrition and Wellness Concentration
Nutrition and Wellness Concentration
Orthopaedic Technology
Radiologic Technology

Preparing for Commencement

In- Person Registration

This year, all graduates and their guests who plan to attend in person are required to register. The graduate’s registration will be used as confirmation of participating in person, and guests’ registration will be used in lieu of tickets. The registration for everyone will also serve as a record of all those in attendance in the case of a COVID-19 event that requires contact tracing. The registration link for you and your two guests can be found here:

Virtual Ceremony Registration

We regret that we are unable to accommodate more than two guests per graduate at the in-person ceremony this year. NHTI has arranged to have each ceremony live-streamed for family and friends who are unable to attend. Virtual guests must register to view the live-streamed ceremony below. Your guests will need to know the date and time for your ceremony or your degree program to complete the registration process. Once the registration has been completed, they will receive an email with information on how to access the ceremony.

The live-streaming link is not sharable. If you have guests who will not be viewing the ceremony in the same location, they must register themselves to access the live-stream. Virtual ceremonies will include closed captioning.

Graduates and guests in need of accessibility accommodations for the in-person ceremony, including accommodations for the hearing impaired, should contact Accessibility Services by Wednesday, May 12, at 603-271-6484 ext. 4291. 

Graduates must have their student accounts paid in full prior to receiving their diplomas, certificates, or official transcripts. Graduates should check their account balances online. The Bursar’s Office is available by phone Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m. for inquiries at 603-230-4012.

Graduates are provided a cap and gown at no cost. Caps and gowns may be picked up at the NHTI Bookstore beginning Monday, May 10. The Bookstore is open Monday through Thursday 9 a.m.-3 p.m. and Fridays 9 a.m.-1 p.m. If you are unable to come to campus during the posted times, please contact the Bookstore directly at (603) 224-8231 to schedule an alternate time.

Commencement Day Activities

As a reminder, each graduate is allowed to have two guests attend the in-person ceremony. Guests include all children no matter the age. We are limited by occupancy numbers due to COVID-19 restrictions. All guests must register in advance of the ceremony.

Graduates should arrive at the Grappone Conference Center, 70 Constitution Ave. in Concord no earlier than one hour prior to the start of the ceremony. Guests should arrive no earlier than 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. Building access will not be granted to guests any earlier than 30 minutes prior to ceremony.

All graduates and guests will be screened upon entrance to the building. This screening will include answering screening questions and having temperatures taken. Social distancing and mask wearing will be required while inside the building.

Grad Images will be available to take individual photos of the graduates the hour prior to the start of the ceremony. For individual photographs, graduates will have the option of removing their masks when it is their turn, but they must maintain safe social distances. 

Pictures can be ordered online, by phone, or by mail. Information regarding portraits can be found at or by phone at 800-261-2576. A 20% off coupon for pre-orders is included in the email you’ve been sent.

We anticipate that each ceremony will last approximately one hour. Out of respect for your fellow graduates, families, and friends, graduates are expected to remain throughout the entire ceremony. 

Guests are also asked to remain in their seats throughout the ceremony. This includes when graduates cross the stage to receive their diploma cover. Guests will not be allowed to come to forward for pictures. The Grad Images photographers will take pictures of the graduates at the stage. For this photo, we ask that you keep your mask on as we are unable to maintain social distance.

At the close of the ceremony, the recessional will be led by the president and the platform party, followed by the faculty and graduates, and then the guests. Graduates and guests are asked to exit the building immediately after the ceremony following the recessional to allow us to prepare for the next ceremony.

Additional Procedures:

  • Individual portrait photos will be taken one hour prior to each ceremony inside the Grappone Conference Center at 70 Constitution Ave. in Concord.
  • Graduates are encouraged to leave personal belongings in their vehicles and not bring anything into the building. 
  • 15 minutes prior to the start of each ceremony, all graduates will line up in the Pierce Room of the Conference Center; this is the first room on the right when you enter the building after being screened. Restrooms are adjacent to the side exits of this room.
  • Tassels are to be worn on the right side of your cap.
  • Cell phones should be silenced and remain silenced throughout the ceremony.
  • The graduates will follow the faculty in the Commencement processional and remain standing until signaled by faculty or staff to be seated as a group.
  • The vice president of student affairs will open the ceremony and introduce the National Anthem. You will be asked to stand while it plays. The American flag and the lyrics to the anthem will appear on each of the large screens flanking the stage. 
  • When crossing the stage, the graduates each receive a diploma cover but, unfortunately, will not be able to shake hands this year due to COVID-19 protocols.
  • Graduates are to remain standing at their seat until their entire program group has received their diploma covers; then, the entire group will be directed to sit down together at the same time. You will be signaled to sit by a faculty or staff member.
  • The vice president of academic affairs will close the ceremony, then give the signal for graduates to rise. Remain standing until it is time for your row to follow the recessional down the aisle. Graduates will follow faculty.
  • The recessional music will begin with the members of the platform party leaving the stage and to process down the aisle to lead everyone out. They will be followed by the faculty, then the graduates. Guests will follow the graduates. Everyone is asked to immediately exit the building due to COVID restrictions. If you have any personal belongings in the room where your group lined up, you may quickly get them as you are exiting.
  • Diplomas will be mailed in early June. Please be sure the Registrar’s Office has the correct address for mailing by emailing If you do not wish to keep your diploma cover, please drop it on the table in the entry/exit area on your way out of the building.
  •  All graduates are expected to stay throughout the entire one-hour ceremony out of respect for all graduates, faculty, and guests.

NHTI will have two photo booths set up outside of the Conference Center on either side of the entrance to be used by graduates and their guests. At these outside booths, you may remove your masks for photos.

Diplomas will be mailed to all graduates upon verification of two things:

  • The completion of all credits for their degrees and;
  • That all remaining account balances have been resolved.

Additionally, each graduate will receive one commemorative announcement recognizing their Commencement. The announcement will be mailed to each graduate along with their diploma(s) in early June. Please make sure the Registrar’s Office has your current mailing address so that your diplomas are mailed correctly. You may contact the Registrar’s Office at

If you have any questions about the ceremony, please feel free to contact Student Affairs at or at 603-230-4040.