We at the Campus Safety Department are committed to the safety of all members of the campus community. We are providing the following information to enhance your knowledge on how you  in a Active Shooter situation.

Active Shooter Preparedness

A situation involving a hostile intruder can change rapidly. In addition to being aware of your surroundings and escape routes, thinking about how you will react to a particular situation in advance will help you act more quickly and efficiently should an event occur.

“What If” Thinking

Actually thinking through different scenarios in your head can help you respond faster. Take the time to understand your surroundings and environment, then make a plan. Each environment you are in might have a different plan for response.

During an active shooter or hostile intruder event, there are three choices an individual can make:

Run. Hide. Fight.

The Run. Hide. Fight. video, developed by the City of Houston, describes lifesaving reactions to an active shooter.


If possible, run to an exit and get to a safe location – this is your first option. If a safe exit is available, take it immediately and encourage others to come with you, but do not let them slow you down. Once you have made it to a safe location and are no longer in danger call 911, don’t assume somebody else has already called.


If a safe escape is not possible, hide until help arrives or a safe exit is available. Close, lock, and barricade doors and windows, turn off lights, hide behind something thick, and silence cell phones. Your goal is not only to stay out of sight, but to prevent the shooter from reaching you. Make sure to spread out and not be in a group while hiding, this will make it harder for the intruder should they gain access to your location to harm everyone and could create an exit at the same time for you. Barricades also distract the shooter, allowing more time for you and responders. Do not answer the door or respond to voice commands until you are sure they are coming from police or other legitimate responders.


As a last resort, and only if your life is in danger, you may choose to fight. Be aggressive, use improvised weapons (fire extinguishers, scissors, hot coffee, glass items, or anything else available), and commit to your actions. Fight as a group if possible. This action also distracts the shooter and allows time and opportunity for police to act.


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