This is a continuation of RADT 159C and examines the radiographic positioning of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine along with routine positioning of the biliary tract, upper and lower gastrointestinal system, urinary system and the study of radiographic contrast media. Topics in this course include: positioning, radiographic exposure factors, medical terminology, radiation protection, and special considerations for the pediatric and geriatric patients. Clinical experience is continued in this course. All students enrolled in RADT 164C will be charged a $500 per semester clinical surcharge. (Prerequisites: RADT 109C, RADT 103C, RADT 116C, RADT 180C, RADT 151C and RADT 159C; corequisite: RADT 220C)

[Explanatory note re hours allocation: 3 hours of lecture (3 credits) + 2 hours of lab (1 credit) + 24 hours of clinic (@ 5 hours per credit = 4 credits) = 8 credits]