This course is an examination of the radiographic positioning of the osseous system. Topics in this course include: positioning, radiographic exposure factors, medical terminology, pathology, radiographic anatomy, radiation protection, and special considerations for the pediatric and geriatric patients. The clinical experience is an extension of the classroom where the student will develop the theory into practical skills through instruction, application, critique and evaluation on common procedures. All students enrolled in RADT 159C will be charged a $500 per semester clinical surcharge. All students enrolled in the RADT 159C will be charged a $150 clinical documentation fee. (Prerequisites: RADT 151C, RADT 180C; corequisite: RADT 116C)  

[Explanatory note re hours allocation: 3 hours of lecture (3 credits) + 2 hours of lab (1 credit) + 24 hours of clinic (@ 5 hours per credit = 4 credits) = 8 credits]