Students begin the construction of a professional industry portfolio. Assignments given to support an effective portfolio include collecting and polishing potential portfolio pieces, crafting resumes and cover letters, and learning job search networking techniques. An exemplary individual project is required in addition to other assignments. A study of game theory and game projects will be used to define a team capstone project to be undertaken in AGGP 294C. (Prerequisites: Completion of all AGGP major courses in the first year of the curriculum; corequisites: the student must be enrolled or have already taken all AGGP major courses for the Fall semester of the second year curriculum or have permission of program coordinator)

Students enrolling in AGGP 291C come with the expectation that they will directly enroll in AGGP 294C the next semester. Students who do not take AGGP 294C in the next semester after taking AGGP 291C must re-take AGGP 291C before enrolling in AGGP 294C. Students who have passed AGGP 291C but are required to re-take the course should be aware that the cost of the course may not be covered by financial aid and should consult with the Financial Aid Office prior to registration.