The second part in a two-part methods course sequence that prepares prospective teachers for special education teaching at K-12 school level. Developmentally appropriate content, strategies, and methods of instruction will be discussed with emphasis on the implementation in the internship placement. Seminars meet weekly throughout the semester. This course requires a full-time, semester-long placement in an educational setting appropriate for the intended general special education area. Students work toward mastery of attitudes, techniques, and professional practices for successful teaching. A college supervisor and a field-based professional provide supervision. Candidates document the hours of work in the schools, including referral, observations, teaching, assessment, remediation, aiding with transition issues, IEP development and implementation, consultation, collaboration, and designing and implementing behavioral programs. This course addresses specific N.H. state standards for certification in the area of general special education. (Prerequisites: acceptance in the General Special Education Conversion program, completion of previous general special education coursework, acceptance into internship, completion of Internship I and approval of TECP director)