HSV 298C

The student will continue field experience work in an approved human service setting under the supervision of an approved professional. Skills, knowledge, and personal characteristics are built on and integrated into the learning and supervision of this course, as well as second-year coursework including ethics, individual counseling, and conflict resolution. Periodic conferences between the supervisor and practicum coordinator are planned to evaluate the student’s progress. At the close of the semester, the student will submit documentation of the practicum activities/experience and demonstrate the ability to relate theory to practice in the chosen field of experience. The student will complete a total of 125 hours of field experience. The student will also complete an interview with the practicum advisor the semester prior to the first scheduled practicum. Special requests regarding practicum entrance may be brought to the department chair by the student. Review of the requests will be made by the department faculty and special exemptions may be made for entrance into the practicum. (Prerequisites: HSV 195C, with a grade of C or higher, and permission of the department chair)