Introduces the dental advanced functions to dental assisting students. Includes instruction in basic instrumentation concepts, removal of coronal cement, application of pit and fissure sealants, suture removal, coronal polishing, expanded orthodontic functions, and the monitoring of nitrous oxide sedation. Preclinical skills will be introduced on mannequins and competency skills on patients. Advanced Dentrix computer applications will also be included. (Prerequisites: ADED 105C, ADED 110C, ADED 161C, ADED 175C, ADED 191C)


A grade of C or higher is required in BIOL 195C, BIOL 196C, BIOL 202C, CHEM 125C, and in ADED courses (unless course syllabi state otherwise) to progress in the Dental Hygiene program. Courses with virtual/online labs are not accepted.