Colloquium on Learning Outcomes

Dr. Laura Gambino

In March 2018 NHTI’s Learning Outcomes and Assessment Team [LOAT] submitted a proposal to the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment [NILOA] which resulted in the opportunity for us to work with Dr. Laura Gambino (left), a NILOA assessment and outcomes coach. To contextualize Dr. Gambino’s expertise with NHTI needs LOAT organized a Colloquium on Learning Outcomes: A Professional Development session for Department Chairs, facilitated by Dr. Laura Gambino. This colloquium was held on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 at NHTI’s campus, and was fully sponsored by the NILOA and Lumina Foundation.

NHTI’s Learning Outcomes and Assessment Team Chair, Dr. Liaquat Khan, opened the Colloquium with an overview of the day’s, morning and afternoon, sessions which helped to frame the activities into context of where we are as an institution. His introduction of Dr. Gambino and her accomplishments was most respectful of her work in the field.

Dr. Gambino’s presentations and workshop on Learning Outcomes provided the attendees with a comprehensive overview on the topic, with time for department chairs to revisit, revise, and in some cases develop, well-written learning outcomes. This was appreciated by all who attended. Notably, Dr. Gambino offered numerous thoughtful recommendations and insights to guide our work moving forward.

NHTI’s LOAT members appreciate support from the NILOA, LUMINA Foundation, and NHTI in facilitating this colloquium.

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