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Andrea BurdickAndrea Burdick, Lead Teacher

I graduated from Keene State College in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Development and a second major of Social Sciences. I’ve worked in many centers but my long term career goal has always been to become a facilitating teacher at a laboratory school. I never imagined I’d meet my goal so early in my career. I’m truly blessed to be here. I love everything about working in a professional child care program. I hope that I can help make the lab school experience as positive for the NHTI students as it was for me. I think I’d also eventually like to earn a master’s degree.

I have approximately a billion interests! Among my top pastimes are cooking (new, fancy, ethnic) meals, reading (I love non-fiction!), shopping (for rugs, pillows, bedding, dishes, house stuff!), and singing. I also really enjoy painting but not art – walls! Painting walls is one of my favorite chores. I recently bought an old house that I can deconstruct, reconstruct, paint, and decorate.

My husband Lee and I welcomed our second child, Marlow into our lives in 2013. She and her brother Ensen are truly a joy. They have helped me become an even better teacher to young children. They give me a whole new perspective.

Sherry Krejckant

Sherry Krejckant, Assistant Teacher

I have been a student intern at the Child and Family Development Center since 2011 and became an Assistant Teacher in 2012. I earned an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education here at NHTI in 2013. I have plans to continue for my bachelor’s degree at SNHU and often dream of one day obtaining a master’s. I’m so excited to be working with children and my wonderful coworkers. I come to work with a giant smile because I know I’m so lucky to be involved in the life of these children. They make my weekends so long and boring in comparison. 

During my free time I can be found spending a ridiculous amount of time painting my nails, scrapbooking, cuddling with my cats, sketching, or browsing the internet. I’ve recently found a love for the outdoors and enjoy doing new things and exploring new places.

Cheyanne SchwalbeCheyanne Schwalbe, Teacher’s Aide

I am currently attending NHTI for my associate’s degree in early childhood education. After graduation I plan to higher my degree at a graduate school and minor in special education. During my first semester at NHTI I requested to be placed in the infant room for a new experience to challenge myself. I enjoyed watching them develop new life skills and wanted to continue my lab hours with the next age group up. Once I had been in the toddler room for a few weeks of my second semester I knew I wanted to continue working with that age group of children.

Working with children is such an amazing experience because you’re not only helping them learn but they also take part in teaching us. I love coming to work everyday knowing everyday is different and there's always a new adventure.

During my free time I enjoy spending it with my family. I have a very big family which keeps me busy whether its baseball games, dance recitals, or just having a relaxing day on the lake, they always keep me going.

Carissa ArchibaldCarissa Archibald, Clerk

I am currently a student at NHTI where I’m working toward my associate’s degree in early childhood education, specializing in special needs. I started observing in the toddler room each week and found my niche.

During my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love to camp and play beach volleyball.


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