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Carrie DupellCarrie Dupell, Lead Infant Teacher

I believe that children have a natural curiosity to learn and explore their world. By observing the children in my care and being an active participant in their learning, I am able to make every day a new adventure! The sense of community between families, teachers and students at the CFDC makes it feel like home.

I have been working with young children since 1994 in a variety of environments. Earning my associate’s degree in early childhood education at NHTI, I came to the Child and Family Development Center when it opened in November of 2001. The CFDC provides teachers the opportunity to try new ideas and provoke children’s learning, helping them to reach their potential.

When I am not learning alongside children and college students at CFDC, you will find me with my own family. My son and daughter have taught me how important it is to take the time to slow down and see everything as if it were a first. So that we never miss the little things life brings us. Some of our favorite things to do together are being creative with art materials, going on adventures around our yard, building sand castles at the beach or enjoying a warm day out on our boat.

Kristen GagneKristen Smith, Assistant Teacher

Being a teacher has been my dream since I was a young girl and I have learned more than I could ever imagine as I have followed this dream. I have worked in child care with young children for many years, infants up to preschool, earning my associate’s degree in early childhood education from NHTI.

During my time as a student NHTI I learned so much about children, teaching and myself. Through my student teaching experience I not only found a center that respected children and their learning, but the age that really was the pull at my heart. I knew then that this was where I wanted to be, and have been with the Child and Family Development Center since 2009. I love the idea that I will never stop learning and each day brings something new and exciting.

When I am not with children, I enjoy spending time with my husband. We are very active and love being on the lake with our jet ski; taking our dog, Brontie, for walks; or just being outside.

Jessie RiceJessi Rice, Teacher Aide

Recently I accepted a new role within the infant program and look forward to working with the children, families and the team! Working with the youngest of children now enhances my ability to work with an extensive range of children. Not only have I been apart of the Child and Family Development Center for four years, but I’ve also been an active member, program facilitator and ambassador for the Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains and program staff for my favorite resident camp Wanakee UMC.

My personal philosophy is to do all that I can do, to use my resources and advocate (be the voice) for those that might not otherwise have one. I continue to write grants for GSGWM and provide ample opportunities for children and their guides to make this community a better place, have fun and learn something about themselves along the way. (I believe that each life's opportunity is an adventure.) You’ll also notice that in my work here with the children, with our college students, parents and community. I strive to educate, lead by example and advocate for the things I’m particularly passionate about. In my spare time (when I’m not working on a degree or progressing my professional development) I enjoy the outdoors! I love hiking, camping, bon fires, boating and even spend a great deal of time wishing for snow, as I am a huge winter enthusiast and avid snowboarder!

Delaney PoirierDelaney Poirier, Clerk

I have been a student intern at the Child and Family Development Center since the fall of 2015 where I observed in the toddler room before being hired as a clerk in the infant room in the winter of 2015. I am currently working towards an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education at NHTI and have one more year until I earn my degree. After earning my degree I plan to continue my education by earning a bachelor’s degree from Plymouth State University.

While here, I couldn’t help but fall in love with not only the children but the staff! I look forward to coming to work everyday and feel so lucky to be able to be apart of the life and growth of the children in the infant room. Watching them grow and learn and being able to be apart of these stages in there lives brings so much joy to me.

When not working with the children in the infant room, I nanny for a family with a three-year-old and a six-year-old. In my free time you can find me adventuring in the outdoors and spending quality time with my friends and family.

Ross EwingRoss Ewing, Clerk

I am a 2014 NHTI Early Childhood alumni, and am excited to start my professional teaching career in the infant room where I hope to contribute my perspectives and experiences to the classroom. I graduated from Plymouth State University in May of 2016 earning a bachelor’s degree in early childhood studies; and recently worked as the program director at a summer camp in Meredith, Wanakee. Camping and outdoor experiences can play a vital role in the development and growth for children of all ages, and I am a determined advocate for the positive experiences that high quality summer camps can provide. I have passion for teaching children of all ages, and my teaching philosophy centers around how education should adapt to the needs of children, and not the other way around. As I have always wanted to work at the center, I look forward to working with all of the children, families, and being a part of the CFDC and NHTI community again. When I am not teaching, I love being outdoors, playing guitar, singing, and reading. Music has played a significant role in my educational experience growing up, and I love to provide moments to explore music with children.

Allyson LivelyAllyson Lively, Clerk

I have an identical twin sister named Jennifer and an older brother named Greg. My parents raised me to treat others the way you want to be treated, and I carry that into my work and everyday life every single day. I treat the children with the upmost respect as well as my coworkers and families, because it’s how I want to be treated. I think it’s important to give children the respect they deserve because it builds strong relationships and trust. I started caring for my cousins while my aunt did housework when I was 12, and basically, it’s when my love for childcare started.

While I work in the infant room part time, I’m a full-time student, and the head resident assistant of South Hall on campus. This is my third year at NHTI and I’m in the Early Childhood Education program. Last year I did my practicum at Concord Hospital in their infant room and absolutely loved it. From planning curriculum, to being the lead teacher the experience strengthened my love for this age and the field itself so much more.

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