Child & Family Development Center

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child family development center

The Child and Family Development Center represents a model environment that combines:

  • teacher education,
  • quality childcare,
  • family support programs,
  • health and human services.

All children enrolled in the center are provided with responsive materials and absorbing play and work activities appropriate for their ages and personalities. Emphasis is on:

  • interactive play and learning,
  • creative expression,
  • language development,
  • problem solving,
  • and a balance of child initiated and adult led activities.

Family members are valued as essential partners and their ideas, insights and participation are actively sought.

We integrate education & training of students from various disciplines of study into our classrooms to provide a hands-on approach to student education. We also provide opportunities for students to plan and implement activities that will actively engage them in building family relationships.

While students are involved in classroom lab hours each week, and families are encouraged to visit the classrooms at any time, our classrooms are equipped with one-way glass observation booths, where students, visitors, and family members can observe the children at work and play without disrupting their activities.

Child and Family Development Center
31 College Drive
Concord, NH 03301-7412
(603) 230-4024
Fax: (603) 230-9311