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“Teaching, Learning, and Practicing with Quality and Joy”

The philosophy of the NHTI Child and Family Development Center upholds the view that children’s development is enhanced by professionals trained in early childhood education, who model the principals of nurturance and respect, and who recognize children’s play as an expression of intelligence and growth.

Teachers are trained observers and carefully construct an engaging and lively curriculum with devoted attention to the individual child, based on observations. Since the CFDC serves as a laboratory school, teachers and NHTI students are actively involved in the study of research and professional literature as tools for professional growth.

All children enrolled at the CFDC are provided with responsive materials and absorbing play and work activities appropriate for their ages and personalities. Emphasis is on interactive play and learning, creative expression, language development, problem solving, and a balance of child initiated and adult-led activities. A central feature is the fostering of self-esteem as children develop social, emotional, intellectual, and physical skills. Family members are valued as essential partners, and their ideas, insights and participation are actively sought. We strive to reflect the philosophy of our professional organization, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

The CFDC is inclusive and welcomes staff, children and families of varying race, ability, national and ethnic origin, and religious backgrounds. We believe that families, children and teachers learn and grow together through collaboration.

We have taken part in the rigorous evaluation process for accreditation with the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and became accredited in 2005.

You will notice the NAEYC standards are highlighted throughout this document in an effort to assist the reader in understanding the rationale behind our policies and procedures. They appear after a topic heading with numbers and letters that dictate which standard is being referred to.


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