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NHTI Business Training Center Management Development Series Instructor Nick ManolisNick Manolis has spent his career in a variety of senior management and consulting roles in the public, non-profit and private sectors focusing on human resources, training, development and consulting.  For twenty-one years, Nick provided human resource/organizational development training and development services throughout the Primex membership.  Most recently Nick served as Vice President of Human Resource Development for Associated Grocers of New England before moving on the start "the next chapter of life."  Currently, Nick is adjunct member of NHTI’s business management department and provides leadership development training services to clients of the Omega Management Group.  He remains connected to Primex as a trainer and contributor to PrimeTimes.

Strengthen management skills while enhancing your professional portfolio

Price:  $75 per session (* except Build Relationships that Work)

*Build Relationships that Work:
DISC Personality Inventory
Research tells us that people who are most effective: 1) know themselves, 2) understand the demands of the situation, and 3) adapt or modify their style to meet those needs.  Gain insight into your behavioral style and learn tactics and strategies used to build more effective relationships.
Date: September 25, 9:00 am – noon
Price: $ 99 (includes on-line DISC Personality Assessment)

Conduct Meetings with a Purpose:
Techniques and Tools
Tired of wasting your time at pointless meetings? Learn to better prepare and run meetings that are purposeful, efficient, and that meet your specific department, project, or organizational objectives.
Date: Oct. 8, 9:00 am – noon

Keeping Your Organizational Spine in Line: Making Mission, Vision, Strategy and Goals Really Mean Something
Mission, vision, strategy, goals ... words that we’ve all heard and concepts that many of our organizations have embraced.  But have we ever really understood the essential “vertical alignment” of our organizational spine and how these words are part of it?  This workshop explores the importance of keeping your organizational spine in line by making mission, vision, strategy and goals a critical part of the backbone to your organization’s success.
Date: Oct. 15, 9:00 am - noon

Develop Cultural Competency: Supporting Diversity in your Organization
Learn to: 1) address how norms and values are culturally-embedded and how they can create intercultural miscommunication, 2) create environments receptive to intercultural differences and linguistic variety, 3) bust myths related to English speaking and learning, and 4) build resources to support employers, staff, and colleagues.
Date: Oct. 22, 9:00 am - noon

Managing Change Effectively
The constant nature of change and why we either welcome it or reject sets the stage for this program.  Whether you're a person who eagerly initiates change and welcomes it comfortably or one who fears change and automatically rejects it when it surfaces, you'll leave this program with valuable information on how to accept and manage change effectively.
Date: Oct. 29, 9:00 am - noon

Boot Camp for Managers
Whether you need just a little toning or are in need of a complete makeover, the Boot Camp will provide you with the information, guidance and encouragement to increase your managerial fitness.
Date: Nov. 5, 9:00 am to noon

Gain Confidence and Say What you Mean: Assertive Communication
Learning to communicate assertively can help prevent problems, manage stress levels, improve self-confidence, and make a stronger impression on those with whom we interact.
Date: Nov. 6, 9:00 am – noon

Keeping Employees Engaged and Motivated:  Techniques and Tools
Identify what motivates employees, the components that affect engagement, and the role that managers must play to keep employees engaged and productive.  Walk away with a plan of practical, tailored, and easy-to-implement actions that will (re)engage and motivate employees.
Date: Nov. 20, 9:00 am – noon

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