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NHTI Business Training Center Management Development Series Instructor Nick ManolisNick Manolis, NHTI Business Administration Faculty

Nick Manolis has spent his career in a variety of senior management and consulting roles in the public, non-profit and private sectors focusing on human resources, training, development and consulting.  For twenty-one years, Nick provided human resource/organizational development training and development services throughout the Primex membership.  Most recently Nick served as Vice President of Human Resource Development for Associated Grocers of New England before moving on the start "the next chapter of life."  Currently, Nick is adjunct member of NHTI’s business management department and provides leadership development training services to clients of the Omega Management Group.  He remains connected to Primex as a trainer and contributor to PrimeTimes.

To be successful, front-line managers must master a diverse set of technical, human relations and conceptual skills. Challenges include addressing increasingly diverse workforce, empowering employees, encouraging teamwork, enhancing employee performance, ensuring health and safety and improving productivity and quality.  Successful completion of this program will help new managers develop skills and confidence, as well as provide experienced managers with valuable tools to enrich their career path.

Dates: Wednesdays January 8 - February 12, 2020

Price: $750 for Certificate 

The Importance of Human Factors

This session focuses on the critical importance of how your human factors impact your managerial success. You'll assess your values and behaviors and will learn how to modify and leverage them to positively impact the workplace. Focal points include:

  • Defining human factors.
  • Assessing and accepting your values and behaviors.
  • How human factors impact managerial functions.

Supervisory Success Steps

We'll look at a dozen "steps" a manager can take to enhance her/his supervisory skills. Communication, coaching, consistency and motivation are among the steps which will be explored. Focal points include:

  • The role of the supervisor.
  • Setting a positive culture.
  • The power of connecting with employees.

Ethics in the Workplace

This session addresses the vital importance of establishing and maintaining an ethical environment in the workplace. Attendees will consider a series of case studies to determine the ethical implications that are presented. Focal points:

  • Defining ethics.
  • The foundations of ethical behavior.
  • The manager's role as an ethical "role model."

Contemporary Human Resource and Labor Relations Issues and Trends

Attendees will hear about current issues and trends that impact both union and non-union environments. Red flags and managers' roles in complying with important statutes and regulations will be highlighted. Focal points include:

  • "Hot" issues and trends that are at play in the workplace.
  • Compliance tips.
  • The critical importance of timely and accurate documentation.

The Leadership Perspective

This session emphasizes the important leadership role the manager plays on a daily basis. The realization that the manager must lead is the underlying theme of this session.
Focal points include:

  • The differences between management and leadership.
  • Leadership keys and characteristics.
  • The impact of title on leadership.

The On-Going Growth and Development Journey

During this session attendees will hear that their on-going growth and development is essential to their success. Staying interested, challenged and passionate are all addressed.
Focal points include:

  • How to thrive rather than survive.
  • Building your "brand."
  • Being good to yourself.

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Quotes from Front Line participants, Spring 2017:

 “As a supervisor, this training was extremely valuable. I feel more confident in my job and pursuing advancement.”

“Although I am not a manger yet, I have a better understanding of what to expect when I take the role. I learned a lot about the human factor.”

“I am currently in a supervisory position. This course was great as I had no prior management experience.”

“Nick put others at ease. He allowed for open discussion and was open to different points of view.”