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Industry and ManufacturingLean Thinking and Practice!

Lean Thinking is used in many industries and businesses. Originally developed for manufacturing, Lean is primarily about solving problems and is applied in most any type of business or organization.

In Lean Thinking and Practice, you will explore and discuss basic Lean principles and thinking. Workshop topics will include people involvement; waste reduction; standardization; visual management; A3 problem solving; value stream mapping; and 5S workplace organization. Hands-on demonstrations will be used to emphasis concepts.

Dates: Friday, September 27, 2019, 9 am - 4 pm (includes lunch)

Price: $195


Foundations in Machine Shop Safety

This course provides a comprehensive but common-sense safety process that focuses on practical techniques for successfully creating a culture of workplace safety.  This session can prep participants interested in the field and can also be used as a refresher for those already in the field.

This interactive training will include the following topic areas and focal points:

  • Understanding workplace safety culture and attitudes
  • Defining the origins of a safety culture
  • Understanding the how to develop a culture of safety
  • Understanding basic safety culture protocols
  • Demonstrate general machine shop safety rules
    • Demonstrate Lathe safety
    • Demonstrate Rotating Tools safety
    • Demonstrate Milling Machine safety
    • Demonstrate Grinding machine safety
    • Demonstrate safety considerations for press brake and shear

Date and Price: TBD


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