Microsoft Word 1

This course is for new Word users.  Although Office 2010 for PC is used for this course, many participants find the content transferrable to Office 2007 through Office 2013.  Please check with the Instructor or BTC office before registering if you have any questions since it easier to answer your concerns before the class begins than finding out the class content is not what you are looking for.  Designed for PC based computers (sorry not for Mac/Apple).

  • Exploring the Word window
  • Creating and saving documents
  • Getting Help
  • Opening and navigating in documents
  • Editing text
  • The Undo and Redo commands
  • Moving and copying text
  • Cutting, copying, and pasting text
  • Finding and replacing text
  • Formatting characters and paragraphs
  • Character formatting
  • Paragraph formatting
  • Advanced paragraph formatting
  • Controlling page layout
  • Creating headers and footers
  • Working with margins
  • Working with page breaks
  • Proofing and printing documents
  • Checking spelling and grammar
  • Previewing and printing documents
  • Web features
  • Working with hyperlinks

Prerequisites: Introduction to the Personal Computer Boot Camp, similar work experience competency, or instructor’s permission.

Dates:  November 18 & 19, 12:30 – 4:30 pm

Price: $150

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