Microsoft Excel 2

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This class is intended for users who have basic Excel skills as listed in the description for Excel level 1.  Please be sure to review the topics covered to better assess if this class is for you.  However, feel free to call us if there is any question about whether you should register for this class.  We find Excel Intermediate one of the hardest classes to properly assess who it is appropriate for since there is such a wide range of Excel Basic experience or skill.

Although this course is designed for Intermediate Excel 2013, 2010 many participants find the content transferrable to Office 2007 through Office 2013.  Please check with the Instructor or BTC office before registering if you have any questions since it easier to answer your concerns before the class begins than finding out the class content is not what you are looking for.  Designed for PC based computers (sorry not for Mac/Apple).

Topics to be covered include: 

  • Worksheet tabs:  naming, coloring, hiding and moving
  • Formatting data:  beyond the basics text and numeric formatting; freezing views; hiding data
  • Data management:  finding and replacing data; naming cells and ranges; working across worksheets and workbooks; basic and complex sorting; using filters; conditional formatting; hyperlinks; commenting; splitting text; data forms; data validation; custom lists
  • Charts:  more charting techniques; sparklines
  • Overview: finalizing your workbook
  • Templates: using pre-designed and personal templates

​Spring 2017 Dates:

  • March 6 & 7, 1 – 4 pm
  • July 19 & 20, 9 am – noon

Price: $125


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