Microsoft Excel 1

This workshop is for new Excel users or those whose basic skills are limited and need a good solid foundation.  The goal for this class is understanding the basics of creating workbooks and entering data.  Prerequisites are a competency in the Windows Operating System, mousing and keyboarding.  Experience in MS Word or other Office applications highly recommended.  Content includes:

  • Spreadsheet terminology
  • Exploring the Excel window
  • Creating, formatting and modifying worksheets; entering and editing data
  • Entering and editing calculations
  • Inserting and deleting a data range
  • Using AutoSum, AVERAGE, MIN, and MAX
  • Formatting text, numbers, rows and columns
  • Page Setup options and print preview
  • Creating and modifying basic charts
  • Using pre-designed and your own templates
  • Creating hyperlinks
  • Using comments
  • Formatting worksheet tabs


March 19 & 20, 12:30 – 4:30 pm


July 23 & 24, 8 am -Noon

Price: $150

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