Introduction to the Computer Boot Camp

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Intended for the novice Windows based, personal computer (PC) user. This intensive course will start with the basics, (Turning  on your pc), and move  to important beginning user functions (using a mouse and keyboard) and finish up with an introduction to Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer.

  • Making Friends with Your Computer

Learn to turn on your PC and other related components.  Practice with the mouse.  Take a basic look at the keyboard and how to use this input device effectively.  Preview the Windows operating system, the software that most computers use for business related functions.

  • Windows

Continuing to look at the Windows operating system; learn how to navigate your computer, create, save and then (actually) find those files and folders.

  • Keyboarding
  • Windows on the World (Wide Web)

Using Internet Explorer and Google, create an email account and use the other resources that Google offers.

  • User's Choice

Depending on the skills and desires of the class, we will practice more in depth the skills  learned previously

Price: $245

Dates: TBD


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