Advanced Excel Pivot Tables 3.1

Pivot Tables allow you to create new views of your (sometimes overwhelming) data so you can generate reports that help you summarize, analyze, explore and present your data it in a more flexible manner.

This class is intended for users who have Intermediate or advanced Excel skills.  Please be sure to review the topics covered to better assess if this class is for you.  However, feel free to call us if there is any question about whether you should register for this class.

Although this course is designed for Excel 2010 2013, many participants find the content transferrable to Office 2007 through Office 2013.  Please check with the Instructor or BTC office before registering if you have any questions, since it easier to answer your concerns before the class begins than finding out later the class content is not what you are looking for.  Designed for PC based computers (sorry not for Mac/Apple).

  • Simplicity – PivotTables use a graphical approach to create summaries.
  • Multiple dimensions – You can summarize data using both row and column headings, including using multiple fields in each area, and you can also use a series of criteria fields that filter all the data in the table.
  • Excel 2010 introduced ‘Slicers’: interactive criteria controls that are linked to each other and can be linked to multiple PivotTables.
  • Interactive analysis – Once you’ve arranged your data in the PivotTable, if you think of other useful information the data could provide, you can rearrange the data simply by dragging fields to different areas.
  • Data can easily be displayed graphically – a PivotChart can be created from a PivotTable with a single click.
  • When linked directly to external data, PivotTables can be automatically refreshed to include new and amended data.

Prerequisite: MS Excel Functions 3

Date:  November 1, 9 am – Noon

Price:  $65

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