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Genealogy 101

Interested in enhancing your research skills? Want to learn how to write a professional genealogical research report for friends, family, or clients?  How about improving writing the citations that prove your evidence?  This four-session workshop is intended for students who are comfortable accessing a variety of websites, formatting documents, downloading and printing.  Prospective students should have a basic knowledge of genealogical research and want to refine and improve their skills.

Price: $149          Dates: Tuesday, April 12, 19, 26 and May 3, 9 am–noon

Introduction to Selling on eBay

In this class we will cover many aspects of utilizing this e-marketplace icon. Learn the basics of how to list, sell, research values, determine strategies, and prepare images for eBay’s online auction venue. (These skills are also applicable to other related venues such as eBay stores,, and Craig’s List, for example.)

We will begin by first establishing the accounts you need to do business on eBay.  These include: (1) a basic eBay user’s account, which allows you to purchase items, to receive notifications from eBay, and to interact with other community members; (2) a seller’s account, required to conduct sales of any sort; and (3) a PayPal account through which the vast majority of eBay transactions are handled.

To establish a seller’s account, you will need to use a credit card and have a cell phone handy because eBay will use your phone number to contact you with a verification code. 

Next we will explore listings on various eBay “sites,” (auctions, stores and for there is a lot to be learned by examining them.  You will gain an overview of how others use eBay, including:

  • what goes into a good listing – title, text and images
  • how to determine a market value for what it is you wish to sell
  • when and how long to have it listed as an auction
  • “enhanced” listing options (most of which incur additional expenses)
  • using mobile devices
  • what to avoid

The eBay community does operate within guidelines that govern the behavior of all community members, especially those involving transactions between members.  As a seller, you will be expected to abide by eBay’s Seller Standards.  Learn what they are and how to follow them.

Price: $199            Dates: Tuesdays, April 12, 19, 26 and May 3, 1–3 pm

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