Introduction to Technical Writing

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NHTI Business Training Center Technical Writing Instructor Valerie LaVoiceValerie LaVoice has over 20 years of technical writing experience in the computer industry, as a writer and documentation supervisor for companies including Digital Equipment Corporation, Adaptec, and Red Hat. Prior to joining NHTI’s Math Department, which she now heads, she worked on manuals for software and hardware products, and wrote for technical and end-user audiences. As a freelance technical writer, Valerie has completed documentation projects for Segway, Philips Medical Systems, and many others.

On-Line with a Field Trip

Just as in the real world, you’ll receive a draft written by an engineer that you must rewrite, reorganize, and illustrate under deadline pressure to produce a final draft worthy of publication.  You’ll learn about the writer’s role on technical writing projects from inception and planning through editorial review and final production.  When you finish the course, you will have a polished writing sample that you can add to your portfolio.

Price: $399 (plus text)           

Text: The Craft of Scientific Writing, Third Edition, by Michael Alley

Online Access Dates: February 11 through March 11; Field trip: TBD

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