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Business Training Center Presenter Dan HoustonAs a Full Professor in the English Department at NHTI, Concord’s Community College, Dan Houston teacher writing and communications and serves as assistant to the department head. He has been incorporating mindfulness meditation and emotional intelligence into his communications curriculum for over a decade, and he was awarded NHTI’s 2008 Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence. In addition to his teaching responsibilities as a member of the English Department, Professor Huston is an active member of his campus community, having served as chair of the promotion team and spearheading an effort to expand the use of mindfulness at NHTI.

Dan has received training at the renowned Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn. His essay “How Mindfulness Can Help Us Become Better Communicators” was published in a 2006 Rowman & Littlefield anthology entitled Teaching with Joy: Educational Practices for the Twenty-First Century. He recently contributed on a chapter to a Jossey-Bass sourcebook, New Directions in Community Colleges, and he is writing a text book detailing the innovative teaching methodologies he has developed, which have helped hundreds of people achieve personal and professional success through their improved communication skills. He regularly presents at national and regional conferences, and provides training in communicating mindfully.

Increased Awareness is Good for the Bottom Line

On the job, people switch tasks an average of every three minutes, interrupting themselves and others regularly.  Increase the ability to reappraise stressful situations, decreases rumination and catastrophizing, and increases emotional intelligence and mindfulness.  Participants report becoming less judgmental as a result of the training, and they are perceived as more personable and approachable by others.  Increased mindfulness has been shown to help people sustain attention, manage ADHD, increase working memory, improve function of immune system, lower stress and anxiety, reduce depression.

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