Winter Fling 2014 Highlights

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NHTI―Concord's Community College Winter Fling 2014 Participants

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A fundraiser to support the President’s Fund for Excellence at NHTI.

Photos © 2014 by Scott Bulger. All rights reserved.

Congratulations to the Concord Stars!

People's Choice Award Cheyl Coletti and Jim Pratt

People's Choice Award

Cheryl Coletti, Casella Resource Solutions
Jim Pratt, The Provident Bank

Best Overall Jen Fennelly and Adam Fennelly

Best Overall

Jen Fennelly, Super Stay-at-Home Mom
Adam Fennelly, Concord Northeast Baseball & Softball

Most Creative Julie Cosgrove and Bobby Segal

Most Creative

Julie Cosgrove, Merrimack County Savings Bank
Bobby Segal, Sanel Auto Parts


Best Theme Loraine Bernard and Raymond Fortier

Best Theme

Loraine Bernard, Lincoln Financial Group
Raymond Fortier, Lincoln Financial Group

Most Entertaining Amber Ferriera and Jay Hauser

Most Entertaining

Amber Ferriera, Triathlete
Jay Hauser, Center for College Planning

Best Hip Movement Sylvia Hoyd and Sean Skabo

Best Hip Movement

Sylvia A. Hoyt, Concord Regional Crimeline
Sean Skabo, Merrimack County Savings Bank

Best Costume Donna Jennings and David Segal

Best Costume

Donna Jennings, 2013 NHTI graduate
David Segal, Sanel Auto Parts

Most Theatrical Tonya Rochette and Lenny O'keefe

Most Theatrical

Tonya Rochette, Human Resource Partners
Lenny O’Keefe, Merrimack County Dept. of Corrections

Best Technical Skills Lora McMahon and Keith Mason

Best Technical Skills

Lora McMahon, Super Stay-at-Home Mom
Keith Mason, Salon K

Best Chemistry Sylvia Larsen and Jim Morris

Best Chemistry

Sylvia Larsen, NH Senator
Jim Morris, Orr & Reno

Most Dramatic Nancy Parker and David Parker

Most Dramatic

Nancy Parker, Nobis Engineering
David Parker, Parker Education

Best Smiles Ranee Washburn and Dr. Shannon Mills

Best Smiles

Ranee Washburn, Certified Music Practitioner
Dr. Shannon Mills, Northeast Delta Dental

Best Footwork Debra Douglas nad Stasiu Sliva

Best Footwork

Debra Douglas, NH Lottery Commission
Stasiu Sliva, Individual Fitness

Most Graceful Liz Blanchard and Archie Richards

Most Graceful

Liz Blanchard, Concord City Councilor
Archie Richards, Havenwood Heritage Heights

People's Choice Award Cheyl Coletti and Jim Pratt

Hot Stuff Award

Cheryl Coletti, Casella Resource Solutions
Jim Pratt, The Provident Bank


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