President’s Fund for Excellence at NHTI

Dr. Gretchen Mullin-Sawicki, NHTI President

Dr. Gretchen Mullin-Sawicki, President, NHTI

Did you know that NHTI has more than 4,600 students?  They are young people who have just graduated from high school, Veterans returning from service, adult learners who want to learn a new skill or advance their current career, or change their career path altogether. Their average age of a NHTI student is 25 years old.

The number of students isn’t the only change NHTI has seen:  we now have more buildings on campus, including the Library (2001), the Child and Family Development Center and Laboratory School (2001), the Student Center (2004), Beverly D. Grappone Hall (2009), and a renovated MacRury Hall (2011).  We are getting ready to start the renovations on Sweeney Hall to accommodate the popular Computer Program majors and are in the planning stages to see how we can bring our Visual Arts Program back onto campus in a space worthy of such great talent and creativity.

And we offer over 90 academic programs,  more than ever before.

While we welcome such exciting growth, there are challenges to address.  NHTI must have enough faculty, classroom space, equipment, and advanced technology to meet the needs of our students, workforce needs of our local businesses, and address the College's mission.  NHTI has made a commitment to keep tuition and fees as affordable as possible for our students as they work to reach their educational goals.  We continue to work with the government, the business community, and private foundations to financially support our students and programs but that is not always enough.

In 2010, the President’s Fund for Excellence was established as a means to support student scholarships and provide our academic programs with funding for high priority needs.  Since its inception we have awarded close to 60 scholarships to NHTI students looking to continue their education and purchased a new U-Print Rapid Prototype 3-D Printer for the Engineering Technology Programs.

New 3-Dimensional Printer

3-Dimensional PrinterThe Rapid Prototyping 3-D printer enables students in the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology programs to create visual models which can be seen and touched! Students create part models using CAD, a 3-D model is created on the computer screen and the 3-D Printer “builds” a model by building layer upon layer until the proper thickness is reached. Students can now go from an idea sketched on paper, to CAD file, then print the 3-D part within minutes. The new printer uses an ABS plastic media which is melted and re-fused into the shape of the CAD model. The equipment enhances student learning and preparation for employment in STEM related fields!

With your support, we can continue to support our NHTI students and their academic dreams. To make a contribution to the President's Fund for Excellence, click here.

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