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Survey of Addictive Behaviors-ADCL 120C (Hybrid) (21364)

with Pete Dalpra & Kelly Luedtke

January 18th to April 26th, 2022

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Dates: 1/18-4/26/2022  CRN: 21364  Credits: 3

Asynchronous Online Section: 1/18-3/11/2022
Classroom Section: Tuesdays, 1/18-4/26/2022; 2:00-4:50pm

Description: A study of addictive behaviors and treatment from a multi-modal presentation of historical, sociological, political and medical issues and their importance relative to the treatment of addictive behaviors in today's society.

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Online - Dates: 3/14-5/6/2022 

CRN: 21731
3 credits

This eight-week online course includes detailed and comprehensive information on the educational components required by the NH Licensing Board for Alcohol and Other Drug Use Professional as well as education in the Four Domains of the CRSW credential. This course meets the educational requirements for the CRSW. To receive the CRSW certification, however, students must contact the Licensing Board and meet additional requirements which include 500 hours of paid or volunteer work, completion of the IC&RC exam, and any other conditions as required by the Board. This Credential is ideal for anyone seeking a career in the substance use disorder profession, specifically pertaining to the recovery of individuals suffering from the disease of addiction.

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Physiology & Pharmacology of Addiction-ADCL 235C (21363)

with Meredith Orchard-Blowen

March 14th to May 6th, 2022

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Online - Dates: 3/14 - 5/6/2022   CRN: 21363   Credits: 3

Description: An in-depth study of psychopharmacological aspects of drugs is covered including a study of brain and body drug metabolism, medical complications and the treatment of psychiatric disorders as outlined in the most current edition of the DSM. (Prerequisite: ADCL 120C or permission of the Program Coordinator of Addiction Counseling or the department chair of Human Service.)

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