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Lean Thinking & Practice for Business (13668)

with Joseph Cunningham

October 8th to November 12th, 2021

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Lean Business Practice Microcredential

Fridays, Oct 8 - Nov 12, 2021  9am - 11am

Lean Thinking is used in many industries and businesses. Originally developed for manufacturing, Lean is primarily about solving problems and is applied in most any type of business or organization. In Lean Thinking and Practice, you will explore and discuss basic Lean principles and thinking. Hands-on or visual demonstrations will be used to emphasize concepts.  This course is 100% ONLINE, with 2 hour synchronous meetings each week for six weeks.  

Outline of Topics.  

Week 1: Explore & Discuss Basic Lean Principles & Thinking

Description: Overview of the beginning of Lean and basic concepts

Week 2: Waste Reduction & Continuous Improvement

Description: How to identify what parts of a process are wasteful and inefficient

Week 3: Standardization & 5S Workplace Organization

Description: The value of standardization in processes. Applying and implementing the 5S process

Week 4: JIT & Visual Management

Description: The value of just-in-time and use of visual cues in workplace

Week 5: Value Stream MappingDescription: Process flow charts and application to reducing inefficiencies

Week 6: A3 Thinking and Problem Solving

Description: Developing and using the A3 approach to solving problems