All three residence halls are monitored by an alarm system. This system enhances the security of the halls by limiting access to only the residents and their guests.

Emergency Equipment

No student is to exit through an emergency exit in a non-emergency situation. Any student who violates this policy or is apprehended for tampering with fire safety equipment will be fined $100.00 and could face suspension or dismissal from the residence hall.

The residence halls are equipped with panic devices located near the exit doors in each hallway. In case of emergency push the panic alarm and Campus Safety will respond immediately. Tampering with panic switches will result in a $100.00 fine to the individual responsible or the hall. These devices are to be used in emergency situations only.


The Residence Life staff will conduct periodic room checks to ensure the safety and upkeep of the physical facilities of the residence halls. Damages to the residence hall will result in an assessment to the individual or group responsible, based on the actual cost to repair or replace the item or structure affected. Windows should not be forced open and window ledges should not be used as storage areas. Removal of a window or screen will result in a fine of $25.00 per student. Any maintenance or safety violation found in any room will result in a fine. Any excessive mess in the common areas will result in a fine to the hall, group, or individual responsible.

Personal Property

Resident students are responsible for their personal belongings. NHTI does not assume responsibility for loss of, or damage to, personal articles from any cause whatsoever. Students will not be allowed to store belongings in the residence halls at any time. NHTI suggests that students consider purchasing renter’s insurance to cover loss or to extend parents’ insurance for this purpose.

Policy of Entry into Student Rooms

Authorized NHTI personnel, defined as Resident Assistants, Residence Directors, Director of Residence Life, Maintenance Staff and Campus Safety Officers have the right of entry into resident students’ rooms for the purpose of maintenance, assessment of damages, inventory of NHTI property, determination of suspected violations of law, public health and sanitary regulations, NHTI rules, regulations and policies, or in emergencies when danger to life, safety, health, or property is reasonably suspected (see Search and Seizure).

Renters Insurance

NHTI assumes no responsibility for the loss of or damage to a resident’s personal property. NHTI suggests that students consider purchasing renter’s insurance for this purpose. The Office of Residence Life has information about insurance policies designed for college students available upon request.

Room Keys and Key Cards

All doors to the residence halls will be locked at all times. To ensure the safety and welfare of students and the protection of personal property, security must be maintained regarding the use of all entrances by nonresidents. Each student will be issued a room key.  Residents are required to carry their keys with them at all times.  Student who have excessive lockouts may be referred the Conduct Office for discipinary action.  Any student losing his/her key will be charged labor and replacement costs for its replacement. Residents of Langley Hall will be issued a mailbox key. Loss of a mailbox key will also result in a $5.00 charge for replacement. All residents are required to have a valid student photo ID card. The ID card will permit access to the residence hall. Resident students have access to all residence halls. All students are responsible to advise Campus Safety immediately if they believe their card is lost or stolen.

Sporting Activities

Sporting activities of all types are prohibited inside the residence halls. This includes but is not limited to golfing, basketball, hockey, football, soccer, lacrosse, etc. Due to the danger of personal injury and/or damage to property, water fights, shaving cream fights, powder fights, etc. within the residence halls are prohibited.

Use and Treatment of Premise

No objects may be dropped or thrown from windows. Residents may not enter upon, cross, or use rooftops. Tampering with locks and altering or duplicating NHTI keys is prohibited. Lounge furniture may not be moved from the lounge in which it is located. Removing window screens and/or sitting on window sills is prohibited. Entering or exiting a building through a window is prohibited. All residents are expected to have consideration and respect for fellow residents, as well as for the physical property of the residence halls. Residents are held accountable for any incidents that occur in their assigned rooms, whether or not they are present at the time.

Visitation and Guests

Effective February 1, 2020

  • Resident students will have card access to all three halls including side doors between the hours of 10:00 am and 10:30 pm.
  • Resident students will have card access to all three halls’ front entrances until 1:00 am.
  • Resident students will no longer need to sign into the other residence halls and are no longer considered to have “guest” status.  This includes for overnights. Residents will not have to sign up in advance to be an overnight. It is very important to understand that any misconduct that might occur will result in a loss of these privileges in addition to disciplinary action. Additionally, all residents of a room need to approve of any overnights. The Roommate’s Bill of Rights remains in effect.
  • All commuter student guests and non-NHTI guests will still need to sign into the residence hall beginning at 7:00 pm or upon arrival and must have a resident host present when they sign in. The resident host must stay with their guest at all times and any violations of residence hall or college policy committed by the guest will be attributed to their host. Additionally, any violations by a guest will result in the immediate removal of the guest from the residence halls.
  • If a guest is not an overnight, they must sign out of the residence hall by midnight.
  • Overnight requests must be submitted by 11:00 pm and must check into the residence hall by midnight.

Our purpose is to maintain a safe environment on campus. Campus Safety Officers are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Campus Safety is available to provide escorts for students around campus. Escorts provided can be by foot or by vehicle. If you have a medical problem, you can request this service at any time. Contact Campus Safety by dialing the emergency number, (603) 224-3287 or by using the Code Blue Phones. Tell the officer who you are, where you are located, and where you need to go. The officer will give you an estimated time of arrival to your location. Remember that the officer has many other responsibilities to attend during his or her shift and may not be able to respond immediately to your request. For more information regarding Campus Safety please call (603) 230-4042.