Letter from the Director

Dear Parents:

We are excited that you and your student have chosen NHTI and in particular to add to their educational experience by choosing to live on campus.  Living on campus can be a wonderful and beneficial experience for students.  In addition to their traditional classroom education, students who choose the residence hall gain experience in working with others, appreciation of diversity, develop negotiation skills and develop more of a connection to school which increases their chance of success. 

Residence hall living also provides students with many choices. These choices are varied and their consequences can both help and jeopardize a student’s education as well as their wellbeing.  Our staff, in the residence halls, works hard to present students with many positive choices to select from and additionally works hard on educating students on the consequences of the less positive choices.  As a parent, you can help by talking with your student about some of the different choices that they will have to make and help them decide how to handle these choices when they face them.

At NHTI, we consider your student to be an adult.  In our dealings with your student, we will always deal directly with him/her.  We are happy to talk with you at any time regarding any concerns that you may have, but please understand that we cannot talk with you about specifics regarding your student without his/her consent.  We are unable to act based on your request regarding your student without speaking with your student and getting his/her feedback first.  We do both have your student’s success as our goal and work toward making their stay at NHTI both comfortable and productive. 

Congratulations of your student’s decision to attend NHTI and furthering their opportunities through education.  We are here to help them reach their educational aspirations.  Please let us know if there are any questions we can answer for you.


Trish Godino Loring
Director of Residence Life & Auxiliary Services
NHTI, Concord’s Community College


Housing and Meal Fees

Community Fines

Residence Life uses the commonly taught philosophy of community responsibility.  Although, we will always work hard to identify the perpetrators of any damage or vandalism to the community, we will depend on the residents of that community to help us in this effort.  When the person(s) responsible cannot be identified the cost of the vandalism is shared with the community of the affected area.   Residence Life staff will conduct periodic room checks to ensure the safety and upkeep of the physical facilities of the residence halls. Damages to the residence hall will result in an assessment to the individual or group responsible, based on the actual cost to repair or replace the item or structure affected.

Examples of items that could be billed to students are as follows.  These examples are by no means exhaustive, but serve as examples of the types of things that may be fined.  Windows should not be forced open and window ledges should not be used as storage areas. Removal of a window or screen will result in a fine of $10.00 per student. Any maintenance or safety violation found in any room will result in a fine. Any excessive mess in the common areas will result in a fine to the hall, group, or individual responsible.

All residents are expected to have consideration and respect for fellow residents, as well as for the physical property of the residence halls. Residents are held accountable for any incidents that occur in their assigned rooms, whether or not they are present at the time.