Applying for housing is easy with our online form. You simply sign into our housing portal with your Easy Login credentials. The Easy Login is the same username and password you use to access your NHTI email account. We recommend that you access your email prior to attempting to login to the housing portal.

Access the housing application here: myNHTIHousing

  • There is no deposit required to apply for housing at NHTI.
  • You will select your resident meal plan during the application process. This is a requirement to stay in the residence halls.
  • You are able to request any of the following during the application process
    • A specific residence hall (South, Strout or Langley)
    • A roommate
    • Share that you require a medical accommodation
    • Indicate interest in our special housing options (CHILL, mixed gender housing).
  • We will not place you in mixed gender housing if you do not request it.
  • We work hard to accommodate as many of your requests as possible. The earlier you apply, the easier it is for us to accommodate your requests.
  • It is okay if you don’t have any requests. We do a great job placing students in housing situations that best reflect their habits as shared on the application.