A healthy, socially connected and well-balanced student is a successful student. At NHTI, we offer you several ways to focus on wellness, recreation, a school-to-life balance, and nutrition. 

Fitness Center

Dr. Goldie Crocker Wellness Center offers a weight room and cardiovascular exercise multi-purpose room in addition to our gymnasium, which has a full-length basketball court with six baskets and bleachers. 

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Peer Counseling Program

Feeling stressed? Need to talk? Consider talking to a peer counselor! It’s like talking to a friend, but confidential and low key. You can schedule an individual appointment, join a group or visit our drop in rooms! Remote peer counseling by Zoom is also available.

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Health Services

Your health and wellness are important to us! All matriculated NHTI students are eligible for health services ,such as appointments with a nurse practitioner on site. Most are free, but some may charge a small fee to your student account for immunizations and lab testing.

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Lynx Pantry

Lynx Pantry at NHTI

Located in Little Hall, our Lynx Pantry provides food and personal hygiene items for those students who have immediate needs. Whether you need breakfast, lunch, or a snack, the mission of the Lynx Pantry is to ensure you have the nutrition and other tools needed to be successful and focus on your education.

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Counseling Services

NHTI offers individual short-term counseling and prevention services to all currently enrolled NHTI students. In-person counseling is available throughout the academic school year from September to May.

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