Women’s Soccer

No. 41/14   Madison Merchant
Position: GK         Height: 5-8
Freshman      Season Stats
Webster, N.H.   Merrimack Valley
No. 0/15  McKenna Duff 
Position: GK/M    Height: 5-3
Freshman   Season Stats
Goffstown N.H.   Goffstown
No. 2     Olivia Farrar
Position: F    Height: 5-3
Freshman     Season Stats
Northwood, N.H.   Northwood
No. 3     Michaella Biron
Position: F         Height: 5-6
Sophomore     Season Stats
West Stewartstown, N.H.     Colebrook
No. 4     Katelyn Paquette
Position: D          Height: 5-6
Freshman      Season Stats
Nashua, N.H.   Nashua South
No. 5     Asia Grace Hanson
Position: D       Height: 5-7
 Freshman   Season Stats
Loudon, N.H   Merrimack Valley
No. 6     Kaylyn Storozuk
Position: M     Height: 5-5
Freshman     Season Stats
Newbury, N.H.   Kearsarge
No. 7     Hosana Nishemezwe
Position: F      Height: 5-0
Freshman      Season Stats
Manchester, N.H.      Manchester Central
No. 8     Gwen Tupman
Position: F    Height: 5-2
Sophomore   Season Stats
Pembroke, N.H.   Bishop Brady
No. 9     Betty Weir
Position: M        Height: 5-0
Sophomore   Season Stats
Chichester, N.H.   Prospect Mountain
No. 10      Emily Knouse
Position: F     Height: 5-5
 Freshman   Season Stats
Concord, N.H     Merrimack Valley
No. 12    Hannah Pellerin
Position: F     Height: 5-9
Sophomore    Season Stats
Boscawen, N.H.   Merrimack Valley
No. 13    Monica Horning
Position: D     Height: 5-6
  Sophomore     Season Stats
Deerfield, N.H.    Concord
No. 16    Emery Newton
Position: D/M   Height: 5-2
Frshman     Season Stats
Rochester, N.H.   Spaulding
No. 17     Sarah Morin
Position:  F       Height: 5-2
    Sophomore    Season Stats
Concord, N.H.     Concord
No. 18     MacKenzie Ledoux
Position: M/F      Height: 5-6
    Freshman     Season Stats
Nottingham, N.H.     Coe Brown
No. 19     Savannah Bastis
Position: M         Height: 5-6
    Junior     Season Stats
Laconia, N.H.     Laconia
No. 20     Maura Hart
Position: F/D         Height: 5-4
     Sophomore     Season Stats
Fitzwilliam, N.H.     Monadnock
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