If you are a matriculated student who has paid the student activity fee and registered for at least 12 hours of course work in the current semester, you may be eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics!

If you’re interested in playing intercollegiate athletics for NHTI, you need the following:

  • Proof of insurance, filed with the NHTI Health and Counseling Office
  • Documentation of a physical from your personal physician or the NHTI Health and Counseling Office
  • Proof that you’ve paid the student activity fee.
  • Complete USCAA eligibility requirements 
  • Transcripts showing you adhere to NHTI academic standards

Contact Athletics director Ed Winters at 603-230-4041 or stop by the Athletics Office in the Wellness Center.

Student Athlete Interest Form

Download here or complete and submit the form below:

Loss of Athletics Eligibility

We adhere to internal and external standards to determine eligibility for every student-athlete. You will lose eligibility if you:

  1. Do not register for and maintain a minimum of 12 hours of course work in the current semester
  2. Do not pay the required student activity fee
  3. Do not maintain the minimum standards of academic progress as noted below

Key USCAA Standards:

In the event that a student seeks eligibility to participate on an intercollegiate athletic team, conference rules, if more stringent, will take precedence over College regulations.

24.5.4 Requirements for Students Entering Second Semester
Second semester students must have achieved a GPA of 1.6.

24.5.5 Requirements after the First Two Semesters
All students must pass 24 credit hours the previous academic school year. If there is a break in attendance the student athlete must pass 24 credit hours the two preceding terms of attendance.

  • Exception: If a freshman completes his/her first semester at an institution and leaves the following semester, upon the student’s return he/she may reestablish his/her eligibility by completing the necessary credits to reach 12 during a summer or interim period only.

24.5.6 GPA Requirements after the First Two Semesters
After accumulating 24-48 credit hours, the student must have achieved a 1.75 cumulative GPA. After accumulating more than 48 credit hours, the student must have achieved a 2.0 GPA.

24.7 Transfer Requirements

24.7.1 Transfer-Students Who Have Participated in Athletics

  1. If a student transferring to a member institution has ever participated in intercollegiate athletics, the student must have been academically and athletically eligible had he or she remained at that institution.
  2. If the transferring student is ineligible, he/she is required to complete one full academic year of residence at the certifying institution before being eligible to compete for the member institution.
    • An academic year shall be completed when the student is enrolled in and completed a minimum full-time program of studies for two full semesters or three full quarters.

Read the complete set of USCAA guidelines.

Athletics Affiliations

National:  USCAA – United States College Athletic Association

RegionalYSCC – Yankee Small College Conference