NHTI welcomes home schooled students to apply for admission! Many home schooled students are admitted to NHTI each year and find success both academically and socially at the college.  Our small class size and active campus life allows homeschool students to engage closely with faculty, staff, and fellow students and become part of our community.

Admission Requirements

We understand that your academic background differs from students who attended traditional public, private or charter schools. As a homeschool student, you can easily fill out the application and then include additional information to accurately demonstrate your accomplishments. While the nature of home schooling is unique to each student, NHTI requires appropriate documentation to determine admission. Home schooled students are expected to meet the same general and specific admission requirements (or their equivalent) as other applicants and to document the academic work they have accomplished. Documents to be submitted may include the following:
  1. A letter or other documentation from the student’s local school district stating that the student has completed a home school program at the high school level.
  2. A list of courses taken and grades earned and/or portfolio of work accomplished.
  3. High school equivalency or other testing, if applicable.
  4. An official transcript if your home school curriculum is provided by a US regionally accredited school.
Contact the Director of Admissions with any questions regarding documentation and/or admission to NHTI programs at (603) 230-4011 or nhtiadm@ccsnh.edu.

Other Home School Student Opportunities

Did you know that home schooled students are able to complete dual enrollment courses while finishing their high school studies? Dual enrollment courses allow students to earn high school and college credit at the same time, and with a tuition discount!
  • The eStart program is a partnership with the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) that offered courses 100% online.
  • Early College are courses offered on the NHTI campus, and can be a great introduction to the college experience. You can review Early College FAQs.