Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations will be considered for transfer credit only if official exam score reports from the College Entrance Examination Board are submitted to the Admissions Office. A minimum score of a 3 or higher is required for awarding credit.

Course NameCourse NumberCredits
AP Capstone
AP ResearchXX xxxC3 CR
AP SeminarXX xxxC3 CR
AP Art HistoryVRTS 111C3 CR &
 VRTS 112C3 CR
AP Music TheoryMUSC xxxC6 CR
AP Studio Art: 2-D Design (Portfolio)VRTS 103C3 CR
AP Studio Art: 3-D Design (Portfolio)VRTS 104C3 CR
AP Studio Art: Drawing (Portfolio)VRTS 101C4 CR
AP English Language and CompositionENGL 101C4 CR
AP English Literature and CompositionENGL 102C3 CR
History & Social Science
AP Comparative Government and PoliticsPOLS xxxC3 CR
AP European HistoryHIST xxxC6 CR
AP Human GeographyGEOG 110C3 CR
AP MacroeconomicsECON 101C3 CR
AP MicroeconomicsECON 102C3 CR
AP PsychologyPSYC 105C3 CR
AP United States Government and PoliticsPOLS 110C3 CR
AP United States HistoryHIST 120C3 CR &
 HIST 121C3 CR
AP World HistoryHIST 131C3 CR &
 HIST 132C3 CR
Math & Computer Science
AP Calculus ABMATH 205C4 CR
AP Calculus BCMATH 205C4 CR &
 MATH 206C4 CR
AP Computer Science AIST 110C3 CR (may be eligible to test out of IST 210)
AP Computer Science PrinciplesIST 103C3 CR
AP StatisticsMATH 251C4 CR
AP BiologyBIOL 111C4 CR &
 BIOL 112C4 CR
AP ChemistryCHEM 103C4 CR &
 CHEM 104C4 CR
AP Environmental ScienceENVS 101C4 CR
AP Physics C: Electricity and MagnetismPHYS 232C4 CR
AP Physics C: MechanicsPHYS 231C4 CR
AP Physics 1: Algebra-BasedPHYS 133C4 CR
AP Physics 2: Algebra-BasedPHYS 135C4 CR
World Languages & Cultures
AP Chinese Language and CultureLANG 2XXC3 CR
AP French Language and CultureLANG 2XXC3 CR
AP German Language and CultureLANG 2XXC3 CR
AP Italian Language and CultureLANG 2XXC3 CR
AP Japanese Language and CultureLANG 2XXC3 CR
AP Spanish Language and CultureLANG 2XXC3 CR
AP Spanish Literature and CultureLANG 2XXC3 CR