Some students may wish to register for individual courses without applying to degree or certificate programs, that is, they may wish to enroll in courses as non-matriculated students. (See “Enrollment Status”.) Most general education and some program-specific courses are open to all, assuming course prerequisites are met and space is available after matriculated students have registered.

Check with an Advisor

Non-matriculated students must meet the same course prerequisites, complete the same course requirements, and follow the same college and course rules, policies, and procedures as other students. Therefore, individuals who are considering registering as non-matriculated students are strongly urged to consult with an academic advisor at NHTI prior to enrolling in any course. In addition to providing information about NHTI as a whole, the academic advisor will assist individuals in evaluating their readiness for any course(s) in which they are interested. In some cases, the advisor may recommend that the individual work with the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) to take one or more of NHTI’s assessment tests in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and/or Computer Literacy. The advisor may also recommend that the individual consult with the Department Chair responsible for the course in question, especially in situations involving evaluation of relevant work experience.

Age-Appropriate Considerations

Additionally, individuals who are considering registering as non-matriculated students should be aware that the content and teaching methods of college courses are consistent with the assumption that registered students are adult learners. Classroom discussions, as well as content material presented, assume an adult level of maturity, attitude, and experience in addition to appropriate academic preparation. While NHTI does not prohibit course enrollment based on age, prospective students should consider age-appropriateness before registering into courses that must incorporate adult themes as essential course/program components. Questions of age-appropriateness should be resolved in consultation with the Academic Department Chair and faculty responsible for the course. Academic advisors may be reached at (603) 230-4021. Non-matriculated students, those not formally accepted into academic programs, are not eligible to apply for financial aid. To be considered for admission to an academic program, contact the Admissions Office at (603) 230-4011 or .