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Students requesting transfer to NHTI should submit all documents listed for general admission and must meet the specific admission requirements for their desired program. In addition, official transcripts from postsecondary institutions attended are needed to evaluate transfer credit. Awarding of transfer credits is based on the following criteria.

Credit for College Courses

  • Only those courses required in the desired program will be considered.
  • Courses must be equivalent in content and credit hours to those required in the desired program.
  • Grades must be “C” or higher, based on NHTI standards.
  • Science and other technical courses, including but not limited to Anatomy and Physiology I & II, Microbiology, taken more than five years prior to the desired date of entry must be repeated or challenged to be applied toward most Allied Health programs; this time limit may also apply towards some computer courses; final decisions rest with the Department Chair;
  • Most other general education courses do not have time limits, but final decisions rest with the Department Chair.
  • Students seeking transfer credit for prior college coursework completed at an institution outside of the United States will need to provide an official foreign credential evaluation to the Admissions Office for review; a list of accredited credential evaluation services can be viewed at

Alternate Sources of Credit

  • College credit will be granted to students with military training, experience, or coursework that is recognized by the American Council on Education (ACE).  Students seeking credit for their military experience will submit a hardcopy of their military transcript to the Admission Office for the review/evaluation process.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) exams will be considered for transfer credit only if score reports from the International Baccalaureate Organization are submitted. Of the two IB examination levels (Higher Level and Standard Level), only the Higher Level examinations where a score of 5, 6, or 7 has been achieved will be considered for transfer credit. Credit will not be given for Standard Level examinations.
  • CLEP and Advanced Placement exams will be considered for transfer credit only if score reports from the College Entrance Examination Board are submitted. Students who have taken both AP and IB examinations do not receive credit for both;
  • Challenge Exams, Credit by Exam and Pass/Fail courses taken at other institutions will not be considered for transfer credit.

Other Considerations

  • The Director of Admissions, in consultation with the Vice President of Academic Affairs and academic department chair, if necessary, is responsible for determining the appropriateness and acceptance of transfer credits.
  • Course descriptions, syllabi and course outlines may be requested for courses submitted for transfer consideration.
  • Transfer credits may be used to satisfy specific degree course requirements. Grades associated with such credits will not be included in the determination of the student’s Grade Point Average, which reflects only achievement in courses completed at NHTI.
  • Transferring into an Allied Health program for Advanced Standing (i.e., transferring a clinical course from another institution to begin the program in an upper level course at NHTI) is based on clinical site availability and the specific transfer policy of the individual department.
  • In the event that a student fails a course at NHTI, subsequently satisfactorily completes a comparable course at another institution and requests transfer, those credits may be used to satisfy NHTI program requirements at the discretion of the program Department Chair. However, the grade received at NHTI will remain a part of the transcript, and it will be utilized in determining the student’s Grade Point Average (GPA). Only successfully repeating the failed course at NHTI will discount the failing grade from the GPA calculation. (See Repeated Course policyProgram Residency Requirements policy, and Transferring to Other Institutions.)

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