General Admission Requirements

Prior to being granted admission to NHTI, every applicant must:

  • Complete the online application or the PDF version for admission to NHTI.
  • Have official transcripts forwarded to NHTI by secondary and postsecondary institutions previously attended.
  • Applicants who have earned a high school equivalency certificate must submit a copy of the certificate, including scores, as well as official transcripts reflecting completed school work and grades prior to leaving school.
  • Satisfy all additional requirements as indicated in the Specific Admission Requirements for the desired program (see Specific Admission Requirements, below).

NOTE: IT IS THE APPLICANT'S RESPONSIBILITY to request that official transcripts of previous study be mailed directly to:

NHTI, Admissions Office
31 College Drive
Concord, New Hampshire 03301-7412

Additional Requirements and Recommendations

  • Though not required for admission to any program, it is recommended that the scores of one of the standardized national college admission tests (SAT or ACT) be forwarded to the Admissions Office if they no more than 5 years old. Test scores provide an additional piece of information that expands our knowledge of a student’s academic background and may be used to waive ACCUPLACER placement testing. Because standardized test scores are only one means of evaluating applicants, no specific minimum score is required. Students considering transfer to four-year institutions are especially urged to submit SAT scores since the new institution may require them;
  • Applicants should be aware that all associate degree programs at NHTI require successful completion of at least one semester of college level mathematics. Therefore, the college strongly recommends that all applicants successfully complete high school Algebra I with a grade of “C” or higher prior to admission. Those students whose placement testing does not demonstrate readiness for college level mathematics may require more than two years to complete their degree.
  • Students applying for any of the Allied Health programs, as well as those wishing to live on campus or participate in athletics, are required to submit certification of good health from a health care provider. Visit Health Services for more information.

Specific Admission Requirements

Each program has additional admission requirements which are listed on the academic program pages. Applicants are responsible for knowing these requirements, any specific deadlines, and submitting appropriate documents as noted.  The specific admission requirements for a particular program may include (but are not limited to):

  • Prerequisite course work
  • Entrance examinations
  • A personal interview 

Students who do not meet the specific academic course requirements for their desired program may be offered admission to either the Associate in Science in General Studies program (for those pursuing an allied health degree), or the Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts program, and take these courses at NHTI. Grades of “C” or higher are required in each pre-requisite course, in addition to fulfillment of the other general and specific requirements, to be considered for the desired program.

Professional Certificate and Certificate Programs
Students seeking to earn a certificate should consult the academic program pages to determine specific entrance requirements, if any, for the program in which they are interested. As with associate degree programs, students must formally apply for, and be accepted into, a professional certificate or certificate program in order to be eligible for federal financial aid and in order to receive their certificate upon completion of program requirements.

Placement Testing

Students entering programs at NHTI are required to complete placement testing before registering for classes. Testing may be waived based on performance on standardized tests and/or grades in specific college courses. Department Chairs of academic programs will use testing data to help advise students in course selection. Both national and NHTI data indicate that students benefit from assessment and placement. For more information, students may contact Admissions at (603) 230-4011, the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) at (603) 230-4027, or the Department Chair of the program in which they are interested or to which they have been admitted.

Students who submit SAT scores no more than five years old may be waived from taking certain placement tests. A Math SAT score of 530 or higher places a student directly into college-level Math and waives the student from taking the math placement test. A Critical Reading and Writing SAT score of 480 or higher waives a student from taking the reading placement test. An Essay SAT score range of 6 – 8 places a student directly into college-level English and waives the student from taking the writing placement test. All SAT scores should be submitted to Admissions prior to or at the point of acceptance in order to better facilitate registering for first semester courses.

A student may be eligible to substitute a higher-level course for the course prescribed in the curriculum if indicated by an evaluation of the student’s competencies. The substitution can be made only with the joint approval of the student’s Department Chair and the Department Chair of the area offering the course. The approval form is available in the Registrar’s Office. This does not negate the student's responsibility to fulfill prerequisites.

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