NHTI realizes that many classes at the high school level for this school year have transitioned to the pass/fail grading method due to the transition to a remote learning environment and the challenges this presents to students and school personnel.  In line with our current practice of assessing pre-requisite classes, any high school level class successfully completed during the spring 2020 semester using the pass/fail grading system will be accepted by NHTI and used to satisfy a pre-requisite for entry into an academic degree or certificate program.

While many high schools and colleges are still sending out transcripts both electronically and by mail, we realize that there may be difficulties or delays in getting documents sent to NHTI for evaluation.  Most of NHTI’s programs have no high school pre-requisites and as an open access institution, there is a seat in our school for everyone.  For programs with no high school pre-requisites, NHTI will not hold up an application waiting for a transcript.  For those programs that do have high school pre-requisites, Admissions will accept unofficial copies of transcripts directly from the student to 1) satisfy high school level pre-requisites and 2) potentially waive some placement testing.  An unofficial transcript could be any document from the school that shows final grades in classes taken (report card, printout or screenshot of Student Information System, or unofficial transcript).

NHTI does not hold up applications for college transcripts in the vast majority of programs.  Transfer applicants having trouble getting college transcripts sent to us will be accepted and advised normally during the advising and registration process.  Without college transcripts on file, students will need to be aware of courses they’ve already taken and discuss those courses with advisors to minimize the chance of being registered for a course that will be transferred in later once an official transcript is received.  Unofficial transcripts that the student has on hand (or screenshots of course listings in the school’s Student Information System) can be used for advising purposes.  To receive transfer credit, NHTI will need to receive an official transcript from the college. 

If a student has taken college courses at any Community College System of NH institution (to include the Running Start program), there is no need to send a transcript to NHTI as we have access to courses taken at any NH community college.

NHTI will accept AP exams for credit as we normally do as long as the exams are given in accordance with revised College Board procedures for testing at home.  A student still needs to meet minimum exam score requirements and have an official score report forwarded to NHTI by College Board to receive credit.

In line with our current practice of assessing transfer credit, we will accept grades of Pass for transfer credit for courses applicable to a student’s degree or certificate program for classes taken during the Spring 2020 semester on a case-by-case basis.  Decisions will rest with the Department Head for the course that transfer credit is being sought for.

Given that colleges are operating in a remote learning environment and offering classes only in an online format (including NHTI), we have relaxed this restriction for comparable classes taken during the Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 semesters.  We will accept classes with virtual/online labs towards our Allied Health programs provided the course material and outcomes are equivalent to NHTI’s course.  Students will still need to supply official transcripts to NHTI so Admissions can evaluate and post credit.  Courses still need to be completed with a C or better (or Pass) to be eligible for transfer.

Yes.  This is what many of our students have been doing for decades.  NHTI is fully accredited and our credits transfer to colleges and universities nationwide.  In addition to specific degree transfer pathways that NHTI has with colleges in the New England region and beyond, students can transfer individual classes to hundreds of higher education institutions throughout the United States.  Our Liberal Arts degree is a perfect major for students looking to transfer credits to 4-year institutions.  NHTI has small class sizes, the most affordable tuition in NH, and flexible on-campus and online course offerings.  We’re here to provide an affordable alternative to delaying your higher education experience.