Directed Study

Under certain circumstances, a matriculated student with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher may take a course via Directed Study in a semester when the course is not offered at NHTI. A Directed Study allows a matriculated student to pursue the published learning objectives/outcomes for a course independently under the guidance of a qualified faculty member. However, the student must explain why the course was not taken in a previous semester and demonstrate compelling reasons why the course could not be taken in a subsequent semester (e.g., adversely affects student's anticipated graduation date in that semester). Barring exceptional circumstances, a Directed Study will not be granted for a course currently being offered at NHTI. Non-matriculated students are not eligible for a Directed Study.

A Department Chair who requests that a student take a course via Directed Study must present a proposal to the Vice President of Academic Affairs detailing the rationale for the request, the specific learning activities that will be required of the student, and the specific assessment and evaluation tools that will be used to evaluate the student's learning. In addition, the proposal should identify the faculty member who will supervise the Directed Study. The Directed Study Proposal Form is available from the Academic Affairs Office and the Registrar's Office, or you can download and print a copy here.

A student may not take a Directed Study for a course which he/she has taken at NHTI and failed or for a course taken at another institution and received a grade that will not transfer to NHTI.

The Vice President of Academic Affairs must give final approval to all proposals for Directed Study.

Grading of Directed Study projects will follow the standard NHTI policies and procedures.

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