Course Repeat Policy

A student may repeat a course for credit one time. Registration for further repetitions of the same course will require permission from a matriculated student's Department Chair or, for a non-matriculated student, from one of the college's academic advisors.

For purposes of calculating the cumulative grade point average (CGPA), when a student repeats a course at NHTI, the grade achieved in the most recent course will be the grade used in the CGPA calculation. All previous grades will remain on the transcript but will not be used in the calculation. Although, credits for courses repeated at a college other than NHTI may be applied as transfer credit as appropriate, grades for courses repeated at any college other than NHTI will not be used in the calculation of the CGPA; the grade received at NHTI will remain a part of the transcript and continue to be utilized in determining the student's cumulative grade point average. (See Transferring to NHTI.)

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