Program Competencies Teacher Education Conversion Programs (TECP)

  1. Content Knowledge - The candidate
    • demonstrates content area knowledge through portfolio documentation of major coursework/life and/or teaching experience
  2. Pedagogy - The candidate demonstrates knowledge of
    • learning theory
    • methods/instructional strategies
    • infusion of technology
    • universal design in planning
    • classroom management
    • behavior management
    • planning, assessment, and implementation of instruction
  3. Knowledge of Learners - The candidate demonstrates knowledge of
    • human growth and development
    • diversity and cultural competency
    • exceptionalities
  4. Knowledge of Self as Teacher and Learner - The candidate is a
    • creator of an environment of rapport and respect and establishes a learning community
    • reflective practitioner
    • researcher
    • life long learner
  5. Teacher as Leader - The candidate
    • is an ethical decision maker
    • networks with the professional community
    • is goal-oriented, and demonstrates leadership and professionalism
  6. Knowledge of Schools as a System - The candidate demonstrates knowledge of and involvement in
    • school boards
    • community
    • volunteering and/or coaching
    • service learning

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Teacher Education Conversion Programs (TECP)
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