Event/Conference Management Certificate

Course Number Course Title CL LAB CR
BUS 170C Principles of Marketing 3 0 3
BUS 225C Business Law 3 0 3
DCOM 105C Digital Communications 3 0 3
HSTM 101C Introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry 3 0 3
HSTM 205C Quality Service Management 3 0 3
HSTM 245C Event, Meeting and Convention Planning 3 0 3
HSTM 269C Food and Beverage Management 3 0 3

Note: Students matriculating into this certificate program are expected to possess a working knowledge of software applications including word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software, or to have successfully completed NHTI's IST 102C (PC Applications) or comparable course. Students must maintain Internet access, including a professional working email address, throughout their participation in this program.

CL - Number of lecture/classroom hours per week for the course
LAB - Number of simulation laboratory, laboratory or clinical hours per week for the course
CR - Number of credit hours for the course

Curriculum for students entering program in 2019-20.

The Certificate program in Event/Conference Management gives students the opportunity to acquire the skills needed to work in conference/event management at a hotel/conference center, sports arena, or a corporate organization. Students will develop an understanding of the hotel/tourism industry and learn how to plan and organize conferences and events. The use of meeting software, as well as web and social media applications, will be discussed to provide students with a technical understanding of these industry tools. This program is available days and evenings. This program is financial aid eligible. To be eligible for federal financial aid, students must submit an official, final high school transcript, or the equivalent documentation that demonstrates high school completion, to the NHTI Admissions Office.

This program is also available 100% online.

Internship Considerations

NHTI has developed excellent practicum opportunities for our students to foster hands-on learning while simultaneously receiving credit. Nonetheless, the college's first priority must be to ensure that patients/clients/children/families are not placed in jeopardy by students during learning experiences. Therefore, students in internship, externship, practicum, service learning, and clinical experiences must demonstrate sufficient emotional stability to withstand the stresses, uncertainties and changing circumstances that characterize patient/client/child/family responsibilities. Furthermore, the student is expected to have the emotional stability required to exercise sound judgment, accept direction and guidance from a supervisor or faculty member, and establish rapport and maintain sensitive interpersonal relationships and confidentiality with employees, customers, and/or patients/clients/children and their families.

Health, Character and Technical Standards

Technical standards have been established to provide guidance to students regarding skills and abilities required to function successfully in the Hospitality and Tourism Management program and ultimately in the Hospitality/Tourism profession. Students in the Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree and any of the related certificate programs must be able to demonstrate:

  1. the ability to act in a professional manner on field trips or at internship locations;
  2. sufficient vision, hearing, and verbal abilities to express and exchange information and ideas, as well as to interpret important instructions in the classroom or at internship locations;
  3. the ability to work with frequent interruptions, to respond appropriately to unexpected situations, and to cope with extreme variations in workload and stress levels.

Although not a technical standard for entry into the Hospitality and Tourism Management programs, applicants should be aware that some positions may require the physical ability to stand for long periods and to lift up to 70 pounds.

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