What Can I Do With My Orthopaedic Technology Major?

Orthopaedic Technology

Anyone who experiences an injury requiring a cast, splint, or brace, gets support from a health care team that most likely includes an Orthopaedic Technologist.  Orthopaedic Technologists work directly with orthopedic physicians and surgeons in a variety of health care settings.  NHTI Orthopaedic Technology students learn how to apply and remove casts, splints and braces and instruct patients in caring for their injuries.  They also learn to adjust traction equipment, crutches, walkers and other aids and provide instructions to patients in their use.  Some orthopedic technologists may also assist orthopedic surgeons in the operating room: in the setting of broken bones and repairing muscle and tendon injuries.  NHTI is one of only seven orthopaedic technology programs in the United States that’s recognized by the National Board for Certification of Orthopaedic Technolgists (NBCOT) and the only orthopaedic technology program located in New England.

Visit NHTI’s Orthopaedic Technology Department for information on degree and course offerings.  The Orthopaedic Technology Certificate is another option.

Career Paths for This Major

Orthopaedic Technologists can pursue a specialty certification in order to work with and assist orthopaedic surgeons.  With advanced studies, they can pursue other careers that involve working with and supporting injured patients.  Examples are noted below (under Sample Career Titles) and include exercise physiology, physical therapy, physician’s assistant and more.


Skills Developed Through This Major

  • Strong knowledge of anatomy, physiology and medical terminology.
  • Able to apply, adjust, and remove orthopaedic casts, splints and braces.
  • Good people skills for working with patients including instructing them in caring for their injuries and helping to calm their anxieties and fears.
  • Basic applications of computer technology.

Sample Career Titles

These titles include positions that you may qualify for with this associate’s degree and related testing/credentialing:

  • Orthopaedic Technologist – Certified  (OTC)
  • Orthopaedic Technologist – Surgery Certified (OT-SC)

Sample Positions requiring additional training which may include a bachelor’s degree and beyond.

  • Athletic Trainers and Exercise Physiologists
  • Orthotists and Prosthetists
  • Physician’s Assistant
  • Physical Therapist
  • Physician
  • Surgeon


Sample Employers

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Private Practice Offices
  • Operating Rooms

Ways to Explore and Reality Test Careers

There are four key ways to explore your favorite career interests…through reading, through speaking with those in the know, through observing and through doing.  Use the link(s) below to begin exploring major related careers through ‘reading’.  Go to the Exploring Career Interests link to get tips on all four key exploration strategies.

Additional sources of information for this major include:

  • NHTI Faculty, Academic Advisors, and Accounting Department resources.
  • Professionals working in the field
  • Professional Associations (see below)


How to Increase Employability

  • Become an active student member of college, community, or professional associations, which helps you build leadership skills and promote connecting (networking) with fellow professionals.
  • Obtain quality practical experience prior to graduation through part-time, full-time and summer employment/internship positions related to your targeted field.
  • Participate in volunteer and service learning opportunities.

Professional Association Links

Many accounting professionals belong to these associations.  You can use the links below to do career research and to connect with local association members.  You may also be able to join an association of interest, at a reduced rate, as a student member. 

Employment and Internship Links

See below for job posting sites related to this major (including our own home grown NHTI posting site – see first link).


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