What Can I Do With My Nursing Major?


Nursing is our country’s largest healthcare profession with more than 2.9 million registered nurses practicing across our nation.  Even with these numbers, according to the US Department of Labor, employment of registered nurses has been projected to grow 19 percent between 2012 and 2022.  The Associate in Science with a major in Nursing prepares men and women for careers as registered nurses.  Nursing is the assessment and treatment of patients dealing with actual or potential health problems.  The Registered Nurse (RN) provides care, treatment, counseling, and health education to facilitate functioning and recovery of ill or injured people.  National health care system trends, emerging technological advances, and shifts toward health and wellness have helped broaden the scope of nursing career opportunities.

Visit NHTI’s Nursing Department for information on degree and course offerings.  The following related options are also offered: LPN to RN Completion Option, and for Registered Nurses, Legal Nurse Consultant.

Career Paths for This Major

When you graduate with a degree in nursing, you will have work options that are varied and that depend upon your specific interests. 

Career options for RNs vary by area of specialty and work setting. In-patient career options include hospital based nursing, nursing administration, case management, risk management, and education. Out-patient career options include home care, long-term care, cardiac rehabilitation, school nursing, community health, and occupational health careers.  Non-traditional career options include insurance, law, sales, consulting and entrepreneurship.  Careful career planning can help nursing majors make the most of their education.  Further graduate study is necessary to pursue certain specialties; for example, Nurse Anesthetist, Nurse Midwife, and Nurse Practitioner, as well as advanced positions in health care administration, research, and higher education.

Clinical experiences offer NHTI nursing students exposure to a variety of specialties and settings.  Students are encouraged to research and reflect upon their special career, geographic, and employment setting interests. Upon degree program completion, the student can seek positions which will advance his/her skills and lead towards area(s) of interest.


Skills Developed Through This Major

Self-Directed Critical Thinking
Verbal & Written Communication Clinical Reasoning
Problem-solving Manual Dexterity
Analyze & Synthesize Complex Data Quick Decision Making
Interpersonal Skills Analytical
Nursing Interventions and Treatments Assessment/Planning/Evaluation
Visual Monitoring Counsel/Instruct/Comfort
Information Gathering & Handling Provide Nursing Care
Work Well Under Stress Utilize Information Technology
Prioritize Multiple Tasks Teamwork and Collaboration
Knowledge of Human & Group Behavior Knowledge of Science, Nursing & Ethics

Sample Career Titles

These titles include positions that may require a bachelors degree and beyond…

Nursing Specialties
Ambulatory care Advanced practice Burn
Camp Cardiac Cardiac catheter laboratory
Medical case management Community health Correctional
Critical care Emergency and trauma Flight
Gastroenterology Genetics Geriatric
Holistic Home health Hospice and palliative care
Hyperbaric Immunology and allergy Intravenous therapy
Infection control Infectious disease Legal
Maternal-child Medical-surgical Military and uniformed services
Neonatal Neurosurgical Nursing informatics
Nursing management Nursing research Nurse midwifery
Obstetrical Occupational health Oncology
Orthopaedic Pediatric Peri-anesthesia
Perioperative Private duty Psychiatric
Public health Pulmonary Quality improvement
Radiology Rehabilitation School
Sub-acute Substance abuse Surgical
Telenursing Telephone triage Transplantation
Travel Urology Utilization management
Wound care    
Nurse Managers
Administrator Discharge Planner Intake Coordinator
Case Manager Staff Educator Risk Management Coordinator
Health Center Manager    
Business Career Options    
Quality Assurance Manager Telephone Triage Service Coordinator Professor of Nursing (Higher Ed)
Utilization of Services Reviewer Sales Representative (Medical/ Pharmaceutical products) Entrepreneurship
Occupational Health Clinic Nurse In-Service Product Trainer Researcher (Clinical and Non-Clinical) Higher Ed
Industrial Health Nurse Nurse Consultant Nursing Informatics Specialist
Worker's Compensation Nurse Medical-Legal Nurse Consultant Professional Nursing Association Officer
Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant Clinical Nursing Instructor (Higher Ed) Public Health Nurse
Writer/ Editor    


Sample Employers

Hospitals/Health Clinics Community Agencies Home Health Care Agencies
Physicians' Offices Business & Industry Nursing & Retirement
Government Agencies Pharmaceutical Companies Health Maintenance Organizations
Schools & Camps Medical Corporations Managed Care
Colleges & Universities Laboratories Organizations
Community Nursing Centers Private Research Public Health Agencies
Long Term Care Facilities Insurance Companies Recreational Facilities
Mental Health Centers Fitness Centers Hospice Organizations
Senior Centers Consulting Firms Medical/Health Publications
World Health Care Organizations Professional Nursing Associations Medical Products/Technologies
Wellness Centers The Military Out-Patient Surgical Centers
Rehabilitation Agencies Out-Patient Clinics  

Ways to Explore and Reality Test Careers

There are four key ways to explore your favorite career interests…through reading, through speaking with those in the know, through observing and through doing.  Use the link(s) below to begin exploring major related careers through ‘reading’.  Go to the Exploring Career Interests link to get tips on all four key exploration strategies.

Additional sources of information for this major include:

  • NHTI Faculty, Academic Advisors, and Nursing Department resources
  • Professionals working in the field
  • Professional Associations (see below)


How to Increase Employability

  • Become an active student member of college, community, or Student Nurses' Association, which helps you build leadership skills and promote connecting (networking) with fellow professionals.
  • Obtain quality practical experience prior to graduation through part-time, full-time and summer employment related to your targeted field.
  • Participate in volunteer and service learning opportunities.

Professional Association Links

Professionals who do work related to this major belong to these associations.  You can use the links below to do career research and to connect with local association members.  You may also be able to join an association of interest, at a reduced rate, as a student member.    

Employment Links

See below for job posting sites related to this major (including our own home grown NHTI posting site – see first link).


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