RN to BSN Pathway with Saint Anselm College

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Through our Pathway to Admission with Saint Anselm College, NHTI nursing students can apply for conditional admission to the Saint Anselm’s RN to BSN Hybrid-Online Degree Program.  This program combines the convenience of online learning with the human connection (two on-campus classes each eight-week session).  Take advantage of over 60 years of excellence in nursing education.  Cost is just $300 per credit.  Application fee is waived.

How it works:

  1. Courses taken in NHTI’s nursing program will be applied toward the BSN degree at Saint Anselm.
  2. Additional general education credits are also transferrable as outlined in credit transfer worksheet.
  3. A student may transfer up to 78 credits from NHTI or prior studies towards the 120 credits required for a BSN, the remaining 42 credits need to be taken at Saint Anselm.
  4. If students meet admission criteria there is no application required. 
  5. For more information contact Susan Kinney, MSN, RN, Director of RN to BSN Program, skinney@anselm.edu or visit website

Courses may be taken full or part-time; complete the program in as little as 18 months or relax and take up to five years. Enjoy small class sizes (5-12 students) and personal attention.

Freshman Opt-in Letter | Senior Intent to Pursue Form | Course Credit Worksheet

Course Credit Worksheet

General Education Requirements

  Credits Meets
ENGL 101C English Composition I 4  
ENGL XXXC English Elective or Comp II 3  
BIOL 195C Anatomy & Physiology I 4  
BIOL 196C Anatomy & Physiology II 4  
BIOL 202C Microbiology 4  
PSYC 105C Introduction to Psychology 3  
Sociology Elective 3  
PSYC 220C Human Growth and Development 3  
General Elective (MATH 124C) 3-4  
Total General Education Credits Allowed 30  

NHTI Nursing Course Credits

  Credits Meets
NURS 115C Nursing I 8  
NURS 116C Nursing IIA 11  
NURS 117C Nursing IIB 11  
NURS 215C Nursing III 9  
Nursing Course Credit Total 39  
General Ed and Nursing Credits Transfer Total 69  

Required Core Courses (may transfer max of 3 courses)

  Credits Meets
Statistics (MATH 251C) 4  
  Humanities (Language, Literature, Art, Music, History, Religion) 3  
 : Theology Elective 3  
  Philosophy Elective 3  
Ethics (PHIL 242C) 3  
  Medical Ethics 3  
Core Credit Total Allowed 18/19  

Required Nursing Courses for RN to BSN

 : Credits Meets
NURN 451 Leadership and Management in Professional Nursing 4  
NURN 452 Health Assessment 4  
NURN 375 Health Economics and Policy 4  
NURN 454 Community Health Nursing 4  
NURN 455 Evidence-Based Nursing Research 4  
NURN 456 Nursing Informatics 4  
NURN 457 Nursing Capstone Practicum 6  
  One Nursing Elective at 3 Credits    
NURN XXX Nursing Elective 3  
Total Required Saint Anselm College Credits = 42 33  
BSN Total Required Credits 120/121  

♠ May be taken at NHTI or another institution and transferred in.
Courses highlighted in grey must be taken at Saint Anselm College.

Mary Jean Byer
Nursing Department Head
(603) 271-6484 x4272