What Can I Do With My Health Science Major?

Health Science

Health Science with a Concentration in Nutrition & Wellness

Americans are living longer but need support when disease, an injury or an age related health issue comes into play.  In addition, advancements in technology combined with an aging population has led to rapid growth in health career and health science related career fields over time.  Clinical trends, including infection control, less invasive surgical techniques, advances in reproduction technology and cancer treatments also support increased longevity and improved quality of life for many Americans.  Students in NHTI’s Health Science major gain a broad based background in the sciences laying the foundation for professional or graduate study in several allied health, research, health promotion and health care administration related fields.

Visit NHTI’s Health Science and Health Science with a Concentration in Nutrition and Wellness pages for information on degree and course offerings.  The following certificate options are also offered related to Health Science: Coaching, and Medical Coding.

Career Paths for This Major

When you graduate with this major, you will have work options that are varied and that depend upon your specific interests, abilities, work values, advanced degrees, and hands on experience in the field.  One area of career focus would be clinical and applied sciences which would prepare students for careers in primary care (physicians, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists), allied health (physician assistant, physical therapy, audiology, occupational therapy, clinical and laboratory sciences) and research (such as in the pharmaceutical industry or biomedical sciences).  Additional areas of focus include health care administration and management as well as law in a health care setting.  Students who choose the nutrition and wellness concentration might gravitate towards planning, conducting and managing health-related fitness and wellness programs in a variety of settings.  Advanced studies could take studies to a greater level of depth with majors in nutrition, exercise physiology, sports medicine, Occupational Health and Safety, Community Health Education and health related communications.


Skills Developed Through This Major

  • Ability to Read and Understand Complex Medical Terminology
  • Scientific Research Practices
  • Critical Thinking
  • Observation, Analytic, Assessment and Evaluation
  • Written and Interpersonal Communication
  • Information/data handling & organization
  • Teamwork
  • Specialty Interest Skills

Sample Career Titles

These titles include positions that may require a bachelors’ degree and beyond…

Health Services Administrator/Manager Health Safety Officer Public Health Service Officer
Corporate Sales Representative Health Sciences Educator Medical Services Coordinator
Health Sciences Researcher Hospital Personnel Director Material Manager (purchasing of equipment and supplies)
Clinical Education/Application Specialist Medical Records Administrator Patient Care Services Coordinator
Health Informatics Specialist Ambulatory Services Specialist Health Care Human Resources Worker
Public Health Specialist Program Director  


Sample Employers

Hospitals Government Agencies
Health Clinics Schools including Colleges/Universities
Surgery Centers Community Health Programs
Insurance Companies Medical Offices
Dental Offices Health Maintenance Organizations
Pharmaceutical Firms Nursing Homes
Medical Equipment Manufacturers Mental Health Organizations

Ways to Explore and Reality Test Careers

There are four key ways to explore your favorite career interests…through reading, through speaking with those in the know, through observing and through doing.  Use the link(s) below to begin exploring major related careers through ‘reading’.  Go to the Exploring Career Interests link to get tips on all four key exploration strategies.

Additional sources of information for this major include:

  • NHTI Faculty, Academic Advisors, and Health Science Department resources.
  • Professionals who are working in the field
  • Professional Associations (see below)


How to Increase Employability

  • Become an active student member of college, community, or professional associations, which helps you build leadership skills and promote connecting (networking) with fellow professionals.
  • Obtain quality practical experience prior to graduation through part-time, full-time and summer employment/internship positions related to your targeted field.
  • Participate in volunteer and service learning opportunities.

Professional Association Links

Professionals who do work related to this major belong to these associations and more.  You can use the links below to begin career research and to connect with local association members.  You may also be able to join an association of interest, at a reduced rate, as a student member.

Employment Links

See below for job posting sites related to this major (including our own home grown NHTI posting site – see first link).


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