Diagnostic Medical Sonography Professional Certificate

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Course Number Course Title CL LAB CR
Fall Semester
# DS 201 Principles of Sonography 3 2 4
# DS 265 Sonographic Anatomy and Pathology I 3 0 3
# DS 275 Sonographic Principles of OB/GYN I 3 0 3
# DS 291 DMS Clinical Procedures I 0 12 4
Spring Semester
# DS 221 Sonographic Physics 3 0 3
# DS 266 Sonographic Anatomy and Pathology II 3 0 3
# DS 277 Sonographic Principles of OB/GYN II 3 0 3
# DS 296 DMS Clinic II 0 24 6
# DS 241 Principles of Vascular Ultrasound 3 2 4
# DS 297 DMS Clinic III 0 21 5
Fall Semester
# DS 233 Seminars in Sonography 4 0 4
# DS 298 DMS Clinic IV 0 32 8
Program Cost Estimates

# Indicates major field courses.

CL - Number of lecture/classroom hours per week for the course
LAB - Number of simulation laboratory, laboratory or clinical hours per week for the course
CR - Number of credit hours for the course

Curriculum for students entering program in 2014-15

For a more in-depth look into the Sonography Program, please visit our blackboard site at http://ccsnh.blackboard.com/ (username: nhtipss password: student)

A Professional Certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography is awarded to upon successful completion of the program.

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography program combines didactic and clinical study that enables the graduate to function in the medical community as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. Sonographers perform medical imaging using sophisticated ultrasound instrumentation. The program is four semesters of full-time study. Graduates find employment in hospitals and private clinics.

This program is financial aid eligible. To be eligible for federal financial aid, students must submit an official, final high school transcript, or the equivalent documentation that demonstrates high school completion, to the NHTI Admissions Office.

Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement

Transfer Information

Specific Admission Requirements

For 2015 Admission
Preference will be given to applicants whose applications are complete and received by the NHTI Admissions Office no later than January 23, 2015 for Fall 2015 admission (with the exception of the interview).

  1. Applicants must have completed a two year AMA or AMA equivalent allied health training program that is patient care related. e.g. radiologic technology, nursing, physical therapy, etc. (Note: Medical Assisting is not generally considered an AMA Allied Health Program.)
  2. In lieu of #1, a Bachelor's Degree with a major in Science field qualifies for admission;
  3. The following college level courses are required with grades of “C” or higher:
    • Algebra, statistics or higher level mathematics course;
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II, with laboratories;
    • Communication Skills (may be met by a variety of courses including English, speech or composition);
    • General college-level physics and/or radiographic physics.
  4. Medical Terminology is strongly recommended;
  5. A personal interview is required; qualified candidates will be contacted after the deadlines to arrange an interview;
  6. Three letters of recommendation must be submitted to the admissions department;
  7. The applicant must complete a course in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Airway Obstruction Management for the Healthcare Provider/Professional Rescuer before program registration.

Internship Considerations

NHTI has developed excellent practicum opportunities for our students to foster hands-on learning while simultaneously receiving credit. Nonetheless, the college's first priority must be to ensure that patients/clients/children/families are not placed in jeopardy by students during learning experiences. Therefore, students in internship, externship, practicum, service learning, and clinical experiences must demonstrate sufficient emotional stability to withstand the stresses, uncertainties and changing circumstances that characterize patient/client/child/family responsibilities. Furthermore, the student is expected to have the emotional stability required to exercise sound judgment, accept direction and guidance from a supervisor or faculty member, and establish rapport and maintain sensitive interpersonal relationships and confidentiality with employees, customers, and/or patients/clients/children and their families.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Clinical, Internship and Practicum Sites

Bedford Commons OB
Catholic Medical Center
Concord Hospital
Concord Imaging Center
Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinic Manchester
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Elliot Hospital
Exeter Hospital
Frisbie Memorial Hospital
H.D. Goodall Hospital
Lakes Region General Hospital
Maine Medical Center
Maine Medical Center OB/GYN Associates
New London Hospital
Parkland Medical Center
Southern Maine Medical Center
St. Joseph Hospital
York Hospital
VA Medical Center

Additional Information

Michelle Wade
Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Program Coordinator

(603) 271-6484 x4108

31 College Drive
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 230-4011