Dental Hygiene - What Our Students Say

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Carolyn Alonardo '00
" I have been out working only a short time, and I can see that we need to know everything that we were taught in school. This program did a good job in preparing me for my career."

Katherine Tuite '97
"I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in caring for people and working with them to achieve maximum dental health."

Bonnie Brown '98
"The Dental Hygiene Program at NHTI prepared me very well for my position as Dental Hygiene Coordinator in a three dentist family practice. I thank the instructors for caring enough to go that extra mile, being tough, helping me be the best professional that I can be. They really made my learning experience a good one."

Joanne Anderson '98
"Great education, small classes. My instructors prepared me well for private practice."

Jen Mark '99
"Going back to school after being out for 5 years was a tough choice, but the results of a career in Dental Hygiene are well worth it! I'm a health care provider and a dental educator and I love my job."

Debra Albrecht
Allied Dental Education
Department Head

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