Electronic Technology Certificate

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Course Number Course Title CL LAB CR
EL 101 Electric Circuits 3 3 4
EL 102 Circuit Analysis 3 3 4
EL 110 Electronics I 3 3 4
EL 210 Electronics II 3 3 4
EL 215 Advanced Digital Electronics 3 3 4
MT 124 College Algebra 4 0 4
Demonstrated computer literacy

CL - Number of lecture/classroom hours per week for the course
LAB - Number of simulation laboratory, laboratory or clinical hours per week for the course
CR - Number of credit hours for the course

Curriculum for students entering program in 2014-15.

This Certificate Program is designed to accommodate people with technical backgrounds who are interested in learning electronics, e.g., those with liberal arts-based computer science degrees working in areas of software where basic electronics knowledge is needed. The credits attained in the Certificate in Electronic Technology are applicable to the Electronic Engineering Technology Associate Degree.

In order to provide these advanced courses to a wide audience, participants will only need a basic background of Elementary Functions (MT 133), basic knowledge of digital electronics (EL 115) and demonstrate computer literacy (IT 102 or IT 108) which will be offered on a regular basis at NHTI. This program is financial aid eligible. To be eligible for federal financial aid, students must submit an official, final high school transcript, or the equivalent documentation that demonstrates high school completion, to the NHTI Admissions Office.

Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement

Frank Polito
CPET Department Head
(603) 271-6484 x4278

31 College Drive
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